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Solo violin, ominous electronics, DnB, UK garage and nostalgic, Celtic themes.

Alauda - Patrick Hawes

From revered English composer Patrick Hawes comes a set showcasing the versatility of solo violin. Encompassing traditional Irish jigs, country dance pieces, pastoral compositions and soaring themes, moods range from wistful and melancholy to passionate and dramatic.


Breathe & Relax - Marc JB

A beautifully meditative collection from composer and multi-instrumentalist Marc Jackson Burrows. Atmospheric instrumentation includes ambient pads, gentle piano and ethereal vocal textures, as well as shimmering chimes, temple bells, hang drum and crystal bowl tones.

breathe and relax

Bumblebee - Teddy Weber

An uplifting mix of breezy carefree acoustic underscores by Teddy Weber of US band The Wiyos. Expect bouncing guitar, electric piano and percussion, plus smooth brass, hand claps, hummed male vocals and catchy whistled melodies.


Chronophobia - Oriol Singh

Composer and producer Oriol Sirinathsingh shares a selection of menacing electronic scores guaranteed to raise tension levels. Ominous electronic drones and electric guitar combine with sparse percussion, bass pulses and growling synths, plus hypnotic embellishments including tense bells, orchestral hits and eerie clock effects.


Somewhere To Run - Kirstin Lynn & Neil Mulholland

A powerful pop extravaganza taking in electronic alt-pop, alternative indie-pop, funk-pop and anthemic pop piano balladry, with moods ranging from gritty to flirtatious. Employs distorted guitars, synths, bass, euphoric drums and emotive male vocals plus kalimba and steel drum hooks.


Mine - Raithe Laurence

A suitably eclectic set from multi-instrumentalist and producer Raithe Laurence, taking in D’n’B, UK garage and house, plus Brazilian-style beats and Latin-influenced grooves. Songs variously include synths, strings, percussion, double bass, tabla, kalimbas and vocal chops.


Mists of Arran - Jody Jenkins & Frank Gallagher

Jody Jenkins and Frank Gallagher present a stirring selection of nostalgic Celtic themes, written for a folk ensemble and orchestra. From wistful Irish airs and spirited folk dances to tense Celtic battle action, traditional instrumentation includes pipes, military drums and folk whistles.

mists of arran

Power Play - Andrew Swarbrick

Film composer Andrew Swarbrick presents atmospheric, violin-led scores ideal for exploring power dynamics. Violin melodies range from mournful and enigmatic to soaring and cautiously optimistic. Additional instrumentation includes pulsing beats, synth patterns, reflective piano, orchestral strings and percussion.

power play

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