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City Pink - Remember Summer

City Pink Remember Summer

Remember Summer couples Paddy Conn (Swimming Tapes) with Angelina Dove (Snow Hill). Their desert pop sound is an ethereal throwback to the synth-heavy 80s, filtered through a modern sensibility.

City Pink showcases Angelina’s beautiful lead vocals, conjuring up summer days full of travelling the world, nostalgia and childhood memories.

The Tip Off Vol. 1 - Chief Xcel & Lateef Daumont

The Tip Off Vol.1 chief xcel lateef daumont

US producer Chief Xcel is one half of legendary hip hop duo Blackalicious and is one of the founders of the notable label Quannum Projects. Along with an exciting line up of vocal collaborators, including Gift Of Gab and Lateef The Truthspeaker, he has put together this collection of old school hip hop featuring funky melodies and bass lines, and powerful beats.

Moods range from ambient, dark and sparse, to laid-back and feel-good, with some classic 90s grooves.

Classical Collection Remixed - George Georgia, David Tobin & Jeff Meegan

Classical Collection Remixed George Georgia

Acclaimed producer George Georgia’s hip hop, trip hop and trance-influenced remixes will make you see the classics in a totally new way.

From ‘Hip Hop Habanera’ to ‘Turn Up Toreador’, ‘Ave Maria Goes Clubbing’ to ‘Mountain Kings’, choral voices, powerful beats, orchestral strings and warm synths breathe new life into these iconic favourites. 

Kick Snare Clap - Jack Baker

Kick Snare Clap Jack Baker

Drummer (for Bonobo), record producer and songwriter Jack Baker’s clients include Vogue, Dior, Miller and Red Stripe.

Kick Snare Clap shows off Jack’s expertise, with everything from tom-tom jungle grooves to bright drum grooves with handclaps, a cheerleader marching band, and stomping percussion with shakers, cowbells and more. 

Drawn To You - The Cave Birds

Drawn To You The Cave Birds

Ben Rowntree is a composer, writer, producer, videographer and the frontman/songwriter for Oh Maddie. Joe Taylor is a producer, writer and musician creating music for artists and production companies.

Drawn to You is atmospheric, moody rock with smoky, emotive male vocals, twangy guitars, driving bass and a mix of trip hop beats and hypnotic drum grooves.

A Different Kind Of Funny - David Tobin & Jeff Meegan

A Different Kind Of Funny David Tobin Jeff Meegan

David Tobin and Jeff Meegan are composers, arrangers and orchestrators for stage and screen.

Here, they’re creating the ideal tracks for comedy productions by combining lumbering contrabassoon with jaunty bassoon, tiptoeing pizzicato strings with whimsical waltz and even a dramedy tango. From quizzical to dainty and amusing, they’re bringing the laughs. 

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