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Renault ads are some of our favourites from the iconic ‘Nicole and Papa’ ads for the Renault Clio that ran from 1991-1998, to the latest Clio hybrid ad. We love their ability to tell great stories in their ads and make their cars feel like characters in their owners’ lives. So, we’re particularly thrilled that their new ad uses one of the tracks from our catalogue for its soundtrack, Tom Rosenthal’s ‘Go Solo’.

The new Renault ad for the ZOE E-Tech, the brand’s new, 100% electric car, is called ‘Leaving the Nest’. In a scenario that many parents will be familiar with, a young man is packing up his possessions into the back of the family car, preparing to leave home, when his dad surprises him by revealing the gift of a new car of his own to set off on his adventures.

The young man drives away through the picturesque countryside – stopping off to pick up some friends en route, as we’re shown his father sitting rather forlornly on his son’s bed, having a bit of a moment. (As a side note, it’s refreshing to see a dad looking emotional, rather than the mum, which would be the more usual dynamic). When he finally reaches his destination and new home in the city, as he flips down the sun visor, a Polaroid picture of the family drops into his lap – with the message, ‘Home is less than 395km away’ written on the back. This is, probably not coincidentally, how far you can travel in the ZOE on a full charge.

We know how important music is to storytelling in ads, so we’re loving Renault’s choice for ‘Leaving the Nest’, the beautiful, moving, piano-led track ‘Go Solo’ by singer-songwriter Tom Rosenthal. London-based Tom has had over 55 million Spotify streams and specialises in comforting, serene ballads which clearly strike a chord with the 20-something market that Renault are targeting here. (Tom’s clearly a hit with our clients too – he’s had over 60,000 downloads for tracks in our catalogue that he’s worked on.)

As well as the instrumentation, ‘Go Solo’s lyrics make for the perfect fit (given that there’s no dialogue in the ad, so the narrative has to be told through the visuals and the music alone). The refrain of ‘I go solo’ illustrates the idea of making your own way into a new, independent life, while the additional lyric of, ‘Nothing’s going to stop me/I’m making my way home’ emphasises both the hero’s possibilities and the idea of both his new home, and the family home he will always be welcomed back to.

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The Publicis Groupe, who made this ad, is the world’s third largest communications group. Named after the French word for advertising, Publicis Communications is the creative communications hub, bringing together such huge industry names as Leo Burnett, Saatchi & Saatchi, Publicis Worldwide, BBH, Marcel, Fallon, MSLGROUP and Prodigious brand logistics. The Publicis Groupe has worked with Renault for over fifty years, creating campaigns that strike a chord with audiences. Specialising in small cars, Renault renewed the genre in the early 1990s with the Twingo and Clio.

The Twingo encouraged its customers to ‘invent a lifestyle to go with the car’, whilst the Clio brought the qualities of more upmarket cars within everyone’s reach.

The brand’s hallmarks, when it comes to their ads, are humour and a bold, creative approach. Plus, Renault aims to reflect the cultural and social realities of French people through such elements as blended families or gay marriage.

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