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Need tracks for emotional or uplifting content? We have three great albums to pick from: guitarist Glenn Sharp’s Only Blue blends reflective, gentle classical guitar with ambient piano and sweeping, soaring strings. 

Or give We Stick Together a listen - the co-founders of award-winning music/production company Choppersaurus’ indie pop and inspiring indie rock has crunchy guitars, feel-good hooks and positive choruses. 

Textures in Time’s ‘orchestral journeys’ are sweeping and uplifting, bright and positive, nostalgic and wistful, with piano builds, dreamy woodwind, charming strings and warm brass. 

Want lush, dreamy electronica with swirling harp, intimate sax, guitar textures, piano arpeggios and percussion grooves? Laaya has it all. 

When you need heavy rock with ferocious riffs, aggressive drums, stomp clap beats and gritty bass for an ad, drama or trailer, we have the Heavyweight Riffs for you. 

Acclaimed composers Juan Andres Matos and Lorena Perez-Batista’s Destinos por Descubrir covers a range of Latin American styles, from cuatro to bossa nova and Latin American orchestral. 

Brands including Coca Cola and G-Shock have featured Mr Robotic’s tracks. Nothing Last Forever mixes anthemic hip hop with male rap and female vocals with party anthems, bringing in 80s synths and pumping house beats. 

The Natrolites combine 70’s funk, 90’s pop and retro 80s, influenced by Prince, The Strokes and Daft Punk in this upbeat, energetic electro indie pop, with cool male vocals, guitars, synths and rocking choruses in their debut Audio Network album Do It For Fun


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Check out the latest albums and singles released from the catalogue to streaming platforms. From dreamy electro pop by up and coming artist Sofia Lafuente to atmospheric orchestral by Noah Sorota, who's worked with the likes of Hans Zimmer. Discover new music to stream now.


New music in this week: Mexican Nortenos, bluesy, heartfelt folk, old-time jazz & Japanese-influenced orchestral


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