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Top 5 films out in time for the holidays

The last jedi

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Silence the naysayers who complain that festive telly isn't what it used to be, and get them to a cinema instead this year. Here are the end-of-year releases we’re looking forward to. 


Master of deadpan, Alexander Payne (Sideways, The Descendants) is thinking small with his new film Downsizing. Norwegian scientists invent a way to shrink people to a mere five inches tall. With the promise of a happier, smaller and more eco-friendly world, couple Matt Damon and Kristen Wiig sign up. We expect Payne’s social satire to be a grown-up version of Honey, I Shrunk the Kids

The Shape of Water 

Christmas and horror go together like turkey and cranberry sauce. Cue Guillermo del Toro's The Shape of Water. In a secret government laboratory, shy cleaner Sally Hawkins discovers – and falls in love with – a fish creature. For their love to survive, they must get past facility director and human monster Michael Shannon.

This darkly funny fairytale won the Golden Lion top prize at the Venice Film Festival. Let’s hope it’s more Pan's Labyrinth than Pacific Rim

The Disaster Artist 

James Franco directs and plays the lead in The Disaster Artist. It follows filmmaker Tommy Wiseau – the man behind The Room which is coined the ‘worst-movie-ever-made’. Now, it’s a cult classic along with Show Girls, Samurai Cop and Road House. Misunderstood genius or complete dud? This film follows the man and the making of that film.

Wiseau may have struggled to break into Hollywood, but Seth Rogen, Bryan Cranston and Sharon Stone celebrate his failed success in this biopic. 

Death Wish

Bruce Willis has already given us a Christmas film classic with Die Hard. Now he stars in Death Wish, a remake of Michael Winner’s 70s original which starred Charles Bronson. Bruce plays a doctor who turns vigilante after criminals assault his family. Hostel director Eli Roth promises to bring blood and guts to this re-imagining. And co-stars Elisabeth Shue (from every film in the 80s) and Dean Norris (Walt’s DEA brother-in-law in Breaking Bad) bring more acting firepower. 

Star Wars: The Last Jedi 

Come on, we had to have the latest Star Wars release on the list. Even if you’re not a fan, you still want to find out what Luke’s been up to all those years, brooding away on his own island. And Star Wars is good again.

Forget the Jar Jar Binks years, The Force Awakens reminded us why we battled to assemble that Millennium Falcon (‘where’s the reactor piece?!’). We have a good baddie again (Adam Driver’s Kylo Ren) and a badass new Jedi (Daisy Ridley’s Rey). Expect newcomers, too, with Benicio Del Toro and Laura Dern. There are even whispers Tom Hardy turns up as a Stormtrooper. 

So whether you're a Christmas fan or a total Grinch, these are five films you won't want to miss this holiday season. 

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