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We’re always looking for new ways to make our fantastic catalogue of music accessible to a whole range of creators and businesses. So, we’re very excited to be launching The Essential Edit subscription. Perfect for growing businesses, production companies, or freelance videographers, if you’re looking at cost-effective music solutions, The Essential Edit is for you! It allows you to find the ideal track for your video projects quickly and easily, as our music experts have handpicked an edited selection of tracks from our full catalogue to create an online subscription to suit lower budgets.

Find out everything you need to know with our FAQs…

What music is included in the subscription?

We’ve curated a deep and broad selection of our production music catalogue to cover all the major genres and production styles. Plus we’ve included all the cutdowns and mixes for these tracks and we’re adding new albums and tracks every month, to keep things fresh.

What content and distribution platforms are covered by your subscription?

This licence covers business and corporate videos, branded content, promoted posts and other digital ads for online platforms only, such as company websites, social media, digital publisher sites, and digital video platforms like YouTube. There is no limit to the amount of money you or your clients can spend to promote your videos. If you make entertainment or editorial videos for YouTube or social media, monetised or otherwise, you are covered as well.

However, this licence does not cover any programming or advertising for TV broadcast – either on linear TV or any OTT long-form platform, such as iPlayer, Netflix, or Amazon Prime Video. Feature films and trailers are also excluded.

Can my team use this subscription?

Yes. This licence is designed to cover a small production team – our guidance is up to 5 people who will need access to the music. If you run a small business or a small independent production company, you and your teammates are covered. In-house production teams within a bigger organisation are covered up to the 5-person limit, regardless of the overall size of your company. If you are interested in covering parts of your company outside of your immediate team, please get in touch with us.

Are my clients covered by this licence?

Yes. All your clients, external or internal, are covered to distribute the final videos you create for them, but not to make any videos themselves. There are no limits on your clients’ size or turnover, or on the amount of money they can spend promoting the videos you deliver to them.

What happens if I choose to end my subscription?

You can cancel the subscription through your subscription management page at any time. Once confirmed, your subscription will be cancelled at the end of your billing period. Until the cancellation date you will be licensed to use tracks from The Essential Edit. After your subscription has ended, you can no longer use any tracks for future projects. However, for all those projects that have gone live while your subscription was active, you have a lifetime licence.

How is The Essential Edit different from your standard subscriptions?

The Essential Edit is a self-service product designed for small businesses or small teams within larger companies. It features a curated selection of our award-winning catalogue of music. As it’s a self-service subscription, you won’t get access to our music research team to help you find tracks and playlists for your projects. Finally, you cannot be invoiced for this subscription (payments are taken automatically).

Unsure if your projects are going to be covered by this subscription?

Get in touch and we can talk to you about your specific needs. Most small, single-office businesses will qualify, as will most small in-house branded content teams. International agencies working on multi-platform and broadcast campaigns, or those who need a wider selection of music, should call us and we can create a bespoke licence that specifically meets your needs.

If you think The Essential Edit is for you, then you can start a free, 14-day trial right now.


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