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If you were to tell us that the NFL coined the saying ‘go hard or go home’, we’d probably believe you, as things don’t get much bigger and better than they do on Super Bowl day. And despite a global pandemic, Super Bowl 2021 is set to be just as impressive as every other year. Admittedly, we’re already excited.

Scheduled to take place on 7th February 2021 at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida, we’re eagerly anticipating everything that comes with this sporting spectacular. That includes the actual game, The Weeknd’s half-time performance, the movie trailers and, last but not least, the extravagant commercials.

Speaking of commercials, if you’re thinking about running an ad during Super Bowl 2021, you’re going to need two things: 1) a spare $5.5 million and 2) some music from our high-quality catalogue

The Super Bowl standard is elevated each year, with the biggest companies competing to be the brand everybody's talking about with the best visuals, memorable story and of course... killer soundtrack. Here's some of the best from Super Bowl 2020.

Best Super Bowl Commercials of 2020

1. Amazon Alexa

If you ask us, the most amusing Super Bowl 2020 commercial was the Amazon Alexa advert starring Ellen DeGeneres and her wife Portia de Rossi. The ad remembers a pre-Alexa world through rib-achingly funny sketches, featuring the likes of Queen Elizabeth I and President Nixon. As the commercial is made up of a series of period sketches, overarching background music is added to elegantly pull all of the components together.  

2. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon’s second Super Bowl 2020 advert came in the form of a Hunters trailer. Shining a spotlight on the Prime Video original’s stellar cast (including Robert De Niro), the minute-and-a-bit-long ad promises a thrilling, action-packed and comical show. The tech giant opted for an attention-demanding dark background track for the Hunters trailer, one that makes the visuals seem all the more staggering.

3. Audi 

A mash-up between Game of Thrones, Disney’s Frozen and Audi is both odd on paper and in reality – but we can’t say we didn’t enjoy watching Maisie Williams, AKA Game of Thrones’ Arya Stark, belting out Let it Go in an e-tron Sportback.

After an initial suspenseful rise that prepares the audience for a Fast and Furious-esque action scene, the Super Bowl advert takes an unexpected turn (pun intended) as Williams begins to sing the Frozen track – all whilst cruising around in the new Audi model. 

4. Avocados from Mexico

When it comes to Avocado from Mexico’s Super Bowl adverts, innocent humour is always the name of the game. The 2020 commercial, featuring actress Molly Ringwald, pivots around the concept of an AFM Shopping Network that sells goods for your avocado – such as a tortilla chip pool float to an avo-carrier. It’s sweet, it’s memorable and it makes us crave avocado. So, job done. Although the commercial relies on dialogue, AFM’s short but jolly sting is what sticks in our head. Which makes us wonder, why don’t more brands create a sting?

5. Bud Light

We find it impossible not to take pleasure in everything down-to-Earth rapper Post Malone does, including his Bud Light Super Bowl commercial. The plot? Basically, Malone’s insides are preparing to try out Bud Light’s new Mango Seltzer drink for the first time. It turns out, all of the mini-mes inside of him are a fan. The result? Eddie Murphy’s Meet Dave x Pixar’s Inside Out.

Although this ad doesn’t feature background music, sound effects – from phone rings to wind sounds to bar chatter – prove to be an essential component. 

6. Budweiser

Proud that people from all different backgrounds drink their beverages, Budweiser’s Super Bowl 2020 ad celebrates America’s diverse population and asks viewers to look beyond labels. Strategic, sure - but bold, nonetheless. Budweiser’s ‘Typical American’ commercial is only improved by its beautifully uplifting background track that’s just as inspiring as the brand’s message.

7. Cheetos

We all know how messy eating Cheetos can be, and according to their Super Bowl ad, Cheetos knows too. The all-too-relatable commercial follows a Cheetos eater as he goes about his day with his orange crumb-covered hands. 

Cheetos’ advert prominently features popular hip-hop track U Can’t Touch This by MC Hammer. The track is ideal because it adds to the narrative and gets viewers to sing along. 

8. Coca-Cola

Only Coca-Cola could (and would) unite Martin Scorsese, Jonah Hill and Cordae in a commercial advertising an energy drink. Does it work? Of course it does! Throughout Coca-Cola’s Super Bowl 2020 commercial, audiences are treated to a cinematic background track that makes the everyday situation (of a tired city worker skipping a party) suspenseful

9. Disney+

Disney+ (the new kid on the streaming block) knew they needed to boast about just one thing in their Super Bowl commercial to gain a ton of subscribers. What is that one thing? Their exclusive MCU content, of course… 

Superhero content and electrifying music is a match made in heaven. Fortunately, Disney knows this better than anyone, which is why the short ad works so well.

10. Doritos

Whoever at Doritos decided to cast man-of-the-moment Lil Nas X in a commercial about their Cool Ranch chips deserves a pay rise. And that is all we have to say about this ingenious project. It should come as no surprise that an advert focused on Lil Nas X features his country rap banger Old Town Road.

11. Hyundai 

Few things are funnier in life than an exaggerated Boston accent, which is why Hyundai’s ‘Smaht Pahk’ advert – starring Chris Evans, John Krasinski, Rachel Dratch and David ‘Big Papi’ Ortiz – works a treat. 

Although music doesn’t play a pivotal role, the happy background track at the end of the ad gives the car a lot more character.

12. Jeep

Jeep had us at Bill Murray, meaning that they didn’t need to go and recreate one of our favourite Murray movies (Groundhog Day) to grab our attention, but they did anyway. It’s safe to say that this is one of the best Super Bowl ads ever created. Sonny and Cher’s 60s hit I Got You Babe provides the soundtrack to Bill Murray’s Jeep advert – it’s a perfect partnership.

13. Kia

Kia went all emotional on us with their 2020 Super Bowl advert, telling the true story of Joshua Jacob: an athlete who went from sleeping rough on the streets of Oklahoma to playing American Football for the Las Vegas Raiders. Kia features piano-led background music in its Super Bowl 2020 commercial to further pull at viewers’ heartstrings. There certainly wasn’t a dry eye in this house. 

Best 2021 Super Bowl Commercials

We’ll be rounding up the best Super Bowl commercials 2021 has to offer as soon as they drop. So, don’t forget to make a return visit!

1. Square Space – 5 to 9

Oscar winning director Damien Chazelle teamed up with Squarespace and (drum roll please) Dolly Parton in reworking her classic 80s workplace anthem ‘9-5’. Squarespace re-recorded the track to instead promote the ‘5-9’ lifestyle, appealing to the new generation of entrepreneurs looking to turn their side hustle into a business. With uplifting Broadway style choreography from Tony Award winner Justin Peck, this commercial packs a punch and leaves you contemplating, ‘What could I be doing 5-9?’ and of course, ‘What Would Dolly Do?’

2. Cadillac – Scissorhands Free

Another classic is revamped in Cadillac’s twist on Edward Scissorhands featuring Timothy Chalamet as ‘Edgar’ Scissorhands, Edwards’ long lost son.  Under the doting and concerned watch of his Mother, played by Winona Ryder, Edgar tries to cut his own path in a world which can’t quite accommodate him… yet. Enter the brand-new electric Cadillac LYRIQ Hands-Free vehicle, and you have a happy Edgar finally able to drive off into the sunset.

Cadillac reminds us of one of our favourite protagonists from cinema, pulling at our heart strings in the process. Tim Burton, Director of Edward Scissorhands,  gave this Super Bowl commercial the stamp of approval, telling the Los Angeles Times ‘It’s rare when a work you’re proud of continues to live on and evolve with the times even after 30 years. I’m glad to see Edgar coping with the new world!’

3. Cheetos – It Wasn’t Me

As if these star-studded Super Bowl commercials couldn’t get any better – take Hollywood’s favourite couple; Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis, add Shaggy’s legendary, ‘It Wasn’t Me’ and a bag of Cheetos to the mix and you have a commercial bound to tickle audiences.

Kunis is caught orange-handed with Cheetos; on the counter, on the sofa and in the shower - a play on Shaggy’s original video for the 2001 hit. The commercial even features Shaggy himself, delighting audiences with a wave of 00s nostalgia ahead of the second half of the Super Bowl.

4. Wow No Cow - Oatly

For better or worse, the highly coveted Super Bowl commercial spot brings out a certain tongue in cheek creativity as ad agencies and brands alike attempt to create the most original commercials.

Oatly, is a perfect example of this kind originality; creating their own song, ‘Wow No Cow’, performed by the Oatly CEO in a brief 30 seconds. The commercial is not on their YouTube, though you can find it on their website along with confirmation that ‘Yeah, that was really our CEO singing at the Super Bowl’.

Whilst the jury is still out on Twitter on whether this Super Bowl commercial makes the cut as one of the best from this year, it certainly leaves you wanting to know more about the brand.

5. Uber Eats – Eat Local

Another tongue in cheek commercial which throws us into a wave of nostalgia as we’re reminded of the hilarious Wayne’s World and the lovable characters Wayne Campbell and Garth Algar.

UberEats took inspiration from one of their famous scenes from the 1992 film; Wayne and Garth had just sold their cable access show to a big corporate partner and they resent that they are forced to include a slew of product placement, so do so in the most unsubtle way with ultimate comedic effect. UberEats recreated this moment, with Wayne and Garth telling viewers ‘ We’ll never manipulate you the way all these other commercials do..’  between subliminal messages to ‘Eat Local’ and (of course) a celebrity cameo from Cardi B.

Music for your Super Bowl Commercials

Music is a crucial factor to consider when creating a Super Bowl commercial as it has the power to transform a good ad into an epic one – with that crucial viral factor. Find the track for you within our expansive catalogue of over 175,000 tracks, produced and composed by some of the best musicians and artists in the world.

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