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Having started out as a session keyboard player with groups ranging from The Style Council to Cutting Crew, Terry Devine-King went on to build his own studios in Wardour Street, where he has become increasingly regarded as being at the forefront of his field. 

Terry's abilities to elevate stories through his genre-agnostic approach to creating music makes him one of our most popular artists in sync. Having worked on over 1212 tracks with Audio Network, Terry talks us through how his first album with Audio Network, Supernova, came about and the complexities of the composing and recording process. 

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Terry Devine-King:

In the relatively early days of Audio Network, when money was very tight, my friend and Audio Network company founder, Andrew Sunnucks announced he wanted to blow the majority of what the company did have on a massive project to demonstrate they were capable of delivering super high production values.

Andrew wanted me to write a work which was going to be recorded in the big room at Abbey Road Studios using a big orchestra, big choir, big drums. Basically, it was to be big – he was emphatic on the point!

terry devine king at abbey road studios

Since then, we’ve done so many productions on this scale that it seems a pretty straight-forward project, but looking back, I remember feeling the challenge was massive. For us, then, everything was new.

We’d never had to work with an orchestrator, conductor or copyist at this level before. We knew what to do in theory, but it is quite another thing when you know you have to deliver. I was also keenly aware that Audio Network was putting everything into this and I had a big responsibility to create something spectacular.

I had worked with Nick Ingman as an orchestrator in the past and felt it would be good to collaborate with him, so together we wrote six tracks which we themed around the cosmos – Mars, Orbit, Solar Flare, Asteroid – and so on. We booked the 52-piece Crouch End Festival Chorus and The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and went for it!

The track that really got the attention on that, our first album, was Mars which was a work I wanted to build in sections from quiet to massive in very distinct steps. The track opens with gentle, muted strings and a low, soft bass drum, then a harp comes in followed by more edgy ostinato strings. Followed by brass building to the choir yelling some epic ‘Ahhs,’ then into more pounding percussion, and finally everyone going for it for the rousing ending.

Track: Cosmic Ray by Terry Devine-King

'Cosmic Ray', in particular was immediately all over the telly and it gave us all the confidence to do more and more until now Audio Network is at Abbey Road pretty much every week doing things of similar magnitude.

Track: Interactive by Terry Devine-King and Razor by Ben Jackson.

This whole process generally takes about six months, but I honestly think it’s well worth it because I know that if you do everything right, with real players (no fakes or samples here) the recordings will sound as good in 20 years as they do now.

In the end, we are a team. Audio Network and its composers really are like a family (we all know each other) and many Audio Networkers have become good friends over the years - Andrew Sunnucks was the Best Man at my wedding!

Whilst these projects really are a labour of love, I have huge fun making them and genuinely hope you enjoy them too. 

Listen to Terry's latest music with Audio Network now:



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conflicts terry devine king
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This was first published on 13/06/2018 and updated on 21/05/2020


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