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There’s a certain sense of je ne sais quoi to every Renault ad, a special something that makes each of the French manufacturer’s commercials memorable. 

From the iconic ‘Papa and Nicole’ ads of the 1990s to their recently released ‘Leaving the Nest’ ad, we take a look at some of our favourite Renault ads from across the years – one of which features music from our catalogue.

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The Best Renault Ads

Renault New Ad – ‘ZOE E-Tech – Leaving The Nest’

Renault’s 2021 commercial, ‘Leaving The Nest’, tells a sincere story of a young man leaving home to begin a new life, presumably at university. Just before the son leaves, his father gifts him with a ZOE E-tech – Renault’s brand-new 100% electric car – and helps him load the car with necessities. Subsequently, the son drives away from his rural village and his parents and begins exploring new destinations with new friends. At the end of the ad, the son discovers a Polaroid of him, his mother and his father tucked into the sun visor which has a handwritten message on its rear. It reads, ‘Home is less than 395km away x’. It’s the definition of heartwarming. 

What is the song from Renault’s new ad?

Tom Rosenthal’s emotional track 'Go Solo' ramps up the emotions of ‘Leaving The Nest’s already-emotive plot, creating a hugely moving ad. Take a look at more tracks from Tom in our catalogue over on his dedicated page

Renault Duster Ad – ‘Another One Drives A Duster’

You may not be aware of this, but Dacia is actually a Renault subsidiary, which explains why their ads are always top-notch. Undeniably, the most famous ad to come from Dacia is ‘Another One Drives A Duster’ – an ad that puts music at its core. 

The 2016 ad focuses on a family driving across Europe in a Dacia Duster. As they travel, members of the public – from a tailor to a hunter – sing ‘another one drivers a Duster’ to the rhythm of Queen’s ‘Another One Bites the Dust’. For many, including us, the song is now indivisible with the car model. To us, that makes it an extremely effective piece of marketing.

What is the song from Renault’s Duster ad? 

As we mentioned, the genius in Renault’s 2016 Duster ad lies in its use of Queen’s ‘Another One Bites the Dust’. To listen to more rock music tracks, take a look at our rock production music playlist

Renault Clio Ad – ‘30 Years In The Making’

One of the most impactful Renault ads ever released is ‘30 Years In The Making’, released for the Renault Clio’s 30th anniversary. The ad focuses on two female childhood friends, one British and one French, who become lovers during adulthood. Obviously, the story features a Renault Clio during the most pivotal moments. The moral of the story? Life is complicated enough, so make sure you purchase a car, like a Clio, that you can trust in.

What is the song from the Renault Clio ad?

Many will recognise the song in Renault Clio’s ad as Oasis’ 1995 hit ‘Wonderwall’, but not the vocalist. Who is she? She is singer and songwriter Rahel Debebe–Dessalagne. Not only does Debebe-Dessalagne bring a whole new depth to a super-popular song, but she also helps Renault accentuate the emotions of the plot. To listen to more emotional songs, visit our reflective music collection page.

Renault Clio Ad – ‘Celebrity Neighbourhood’ 

One of the most popular Renault ads in history is the ‘Celebrity Neighbourhood’ commercial. As a group of tourists explore a variety of Hollywood homes, the stars showcase their flashy sports cars on their drives. However, it turns out that these cars are just for show, because as soon as the tour cart disappears, the celebs reveal their everyday cars: Renault Clios. 

What type of music plays in Renault’s Hollywood ad?

The composition that plays in the ad feels perfect for its Hollywood setting: it’s buoyant, sunny and effervescent. It brings the whole commercial to life and, somehow, makes it more comedic. Discover similar tracks over at our happy background music page.

Renault Captur Ad – ‘Your Choice, Your CAPTUR’

The ‘Your Choice, Your CAPTUR’ ad showcases Renault’s ‘compact SUV for every adventure’ in a way that’s upbeat and extremely easy to watch. It’s a commercial that demonstrates how the Captur is easily incorporated into any stylish couple’s life – no matter their interests.

What is the song from the Renault Captur ad?

The use of a Bee Gees’ ‘To Love Somebody’ cover version complements the advert's love story. Do you have an affinity for the 60s? If so, take a look at our super groovy 1960s playlist.

Renault Kadjar Ad – ‘Stop Watching. Start Living.’

To advertise their Kadjar model circa 2015, Renault created an advert that merged reality with the world behind the screen. The ad, set in a cinema, focuses on an audience watching the adventures of a red Kadjar. As the car drives through different landscapes, the two worlds begin to collide and birds, dirt and more fly out of the screen. The advert ends with the audience running into the screen, discovering the world of the Renault Kadjar.

What is the song from the Renault Kadjar ad?

To encourage a sense of adventure in the audience (that’s the real audience, not the audience in the ad), Renault opts for contemporary folk track ‘My Silver Lining’ by Swedish folk duo First Aid Kit. Discover similar tracks over at our folk playlist

Renault SUV Range Ad – ‘Koleos – The Gift’

The most intriguing part about Renault’s ‘The Gift’ ad isn’t the Koleos SUV but the enigmatic, open-ended plot. A wealthy man is presented with a Koleos and a black box that stores a car key and a set of undisclosed instructions. Following a set of coordinates, he takes the car to a suburban bar and passes the box onto another man. The second man then takes the car to a specified location and the relay continues. Perplexing, yes, but that’s what makes it memorable. 

What is the song from the SUV range ad? 

Gabriel Guerin’s ‘Out of the Ordinary (Theme)’ is the song used in The Gift, and it’s suitably out of this world. From the bewitching vocals to the pulsating beat, the song is just as mysterious as the narrative. If you’re interested in a similar track for your project, take a look at our mysterious/tense/suspense playlist.

Renault Clio Ad – ‘Papa and Nicole’

The Renault Clio entered the pop culture mainstream with the release of the ‘Papa and Nicole’ ads. Focusing on a French father and his daughter, Nicole, each advert was an amusing sketch that featured a Renault Clio. Our favourite of the series is the ‘maman’ ad. This particular commercial is set at the family’s rural home and involves the namesake characters zooming around in their Clios to prepare for the mother’s arrival. 

What type of music plays in the Renault Papa and Nicole ad?

To emphasise the light-hearted tone of the ad, Renault chose a zippy jazz track. If you’re a fan of this type of music, we urge you to discover our plethora of jazz genres.

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