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Luna // track-by-track with Annie Drury

Annie Drury looks down through a window

Singer-songwriter Annie Drury continues to 'wow' with her breath-taking new album, Luna. Her gift for story-telling through music and lyrics is demonstrated perfectly in her latest EP, drifting seamlessly from warming love songs to spine-tingling ballads. 

We caught up with Annie to find out the stories and inspiration behind each track.

Watch Annie Drury: Behind the music here:

Daughter of the Moon

'Daughter of the Moon' is a tribute to one of my beautiful friends who passed away tragically, I wanted this song to be a dedication to her and her wonderful family. She is the sun, the stars and the moon. 

Time to Grow 

'Time to Grow' is written about an unexpected heartbreak and having to find yourself as a person again. It’s about bringing yourself out of a dark place and realising it was actually the best thing that could have happened as, in the end, you realise you are the only person that can control your happiness, your future and your destiny. 

Musician Annie Drury is pictured looking down through the other side of a window

Is this a Blackout

'Is This a Blackout' is a song written about my journey as an artist within the music industry, it’s about losing and finding myself again and familiarising myself with why I carry on the journey of being a musician.

You Took Me Dancing 

'You Took Me Dancing' is a love song and can be interpreted in any way the audience wants to imagine it. I always picture a young couple dancing in their kitchen feeling content, happy and blessed to have one another, I then see them growing old and dancing in the same way they did when they were young. I think everyone wants to be loved in one way or another and I wanted this song to portray that in a timeless kind of way. 

Watch the live session for 'You Took Me Dancing' here:

We are the Lucky Ones 

'We are the Lucky Ones' is a song written about young love, travelling the world and self discovery. 

Fall at your Feet 

'Fall at your Feet' is a song about closing one door and opening another, and realising every person you meet changes you in some way and makes you realise why that person was meant to be in your life at that point. Relationships/friendships have a funny way of shaping you somehow and 'Fall at your Feet' always brings me back to a time of changing and new beginnings. 

Sleeping Alone Tonight 

'Sleeping Alone Tonight' is a song written about loss, grief and growth. 

Listen to Luna now:

Album cover for Annie Drury's 'Luna'. Annie is pictured sitting down and staring out of a window


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