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As a global company, we work with over 1,000 artists and composers worldwide, to ensure that we have every genre and every mood of music covered. So if you’re looking for specific music from a particular continent – we have the tracks in our catalogue.


For the World Lifestyle series, our in-house music experts have hand-picked playlists for Europe, Africa, America, Latin America, Asia, the Middle East and Australia, enabling you to tour the world musically. Whether you’re looking for music for lifestyle content such as travel and cookery, or documentary, sport or drama, we work with artists and composers who represent the authentic sounds of particular cultures and territories - from the music they’re making, to the instruments they’re playing.

Plus, we make sure that our productions sound amazing by recording with the experts at the legendary Abbey Road studios, whether it’s Japanese artist Joji Hirota creating a wall of sound with taiko drums, a Norwegian Hardanger fiddle or Peruvian panpipes.

The World Lifestyle Series is a truly global musical view of culture, moods and emotions – start your travels now by listening to one of our hand-picked playlists:


From Russian folk to a jaunty Bavarian waltz, swinging Parisian jazz to a traditional English folk song, the tracks from around Europe feature balalaika, Hardanger fiddle, bouzouki and accordion.


Our tracks from Africa showcase styles from tropical marimba to Afro funk, Malian vocals and African percussion, featuring indigenous instruments such as marimba, Kalimba, balafon, Afro perc and mallet.


For a mass of musical styles, why not drive coast to coast across the US, taking in swinging 1950s rockabilly, Californian acoustic, a classic Hollywood big band foxtrot and blues slide guitar. The playlist features evocative harmonica, slide guitar, fiddle, banjo, Hammond, dobro, horns and mandolin.

Latin America

The sounds of Latin America feature bandoneon (a type of accordion used in traditional tango) and Latin guitar in everything from Latin pop to traditional Cuban dance, a Dominican bachata with Spanish guitar to an intense tango. 


From modern Chinese pop to sitar melodies, Japanese heavy rock to Indian raga featuring sitars and tabla, the tracks on our Asia playlist also demonstrate the unique sounds of dizi flute, pipa guitar, guzheng, hulusi flute, zither, gamelan, hamisen and koto.

Middle East

Travel to the Middle East to sample traditional Persian folk or mournful Middle Eastern strings, together with Arabic percussion, ney flutes and oud. The region’s distinctive sounds also include Arabic flute, Arab perc, saz and duduk.


Our Australian tracks range from folk ballads to summery indie folk, with didgeridoo, Taonga Puora woodwind and slide guitar, together with Aboriginal flute, mandolin, slide guitar and accordion.


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