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No matter your mood, a Dominos order is guaranteed to brighten your day. Got fired? Plan your next steps with a double decadence pizza in hand. Receive news that youre about to become a parent? Celebrate with a box of chicken strippers, and perhaps some potato wedges on the side. Feeling drained after an intense workout? Re-energise with a slice of The Cheeseburger pizza, and one or two Dominos cookies for dessert if youre still peckish.

Fittingly, Dominos most effective commercials – were talking the kind on par with adidas, Nike and Gillette commercials – seek to remind viewers that they can always rely on the restaurant chain to add some happiness to their life. 

Here, we run through the 20 best Dominos commercials of all time – including the famous Ferris Buellers Day Off-inspired commercial, The Simpsons commercial and the new Dominos yodel commercial. As usual, well be drawing your attention to the music used in each commercial and providing you with links to relevant playlist pages

20 Best Domino’s Commercials

1. New Domino’s Commercial – Yodel

If youve been watching ITVs Love Island, Channel 4s Rick & Morty or any other show on British broadcast television this summer (2021), youre bound to have seen the rib-tickling yodelling Dominos commercial. Essentially, the plot focuses on a 20-something man communicating with his friends by yodelling from the balcony of his high-rise apartment. Thanks to the subtitles, we know that the yodelling translates into a Dominos order, which explains why the group of lads are pictured eating Dominos together at the end of the commercial. 

Music: Dominos eschews using a background track for this commercial to ensure that the focus of the commercial is the rhythmic yodelling. Personally, we feel it wouldnt hurt if they made use of one of our yodelling tracks at some point during the commercial. Just saying...

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2. Domino’s Salad Commercial

Were all well aware that there are healthier food options to choose from than pizza; and, according to the Dominos salad commercial, Dominos are also well aware of this fact. The most extreme example of a healthier meal is, of course, a salad.

In this commercial, Dominos announces that it has added salads to the menu to ensure that those who are concerned about their diet can still order Dominos with the rest of their friends and/or family. 

Music: The piano-led music used in this ad changes with the mood of the commercial. First, the music reflects the sad aura of the family whod rather be eating Dominos than salad, but then uplifting strings and percussion instruments are introduced to the track to create a more positive vibe when Dominos salads are officially announced. 

3. Domino’s Emoji Commercial

In 2015, Dominos had fun with the idea of parents being emoji illiterate by creating a commercial that follows traumatised parents who are struggling to communicate with their children over instant messaging services. To help these parents, Dominos advertises their emoji literacy cards that aim to help bring those struggling to understand the language of emojis up to speed. The ad also advertises a new service in which Dominos customers can order a pizza to their house by simply messaging or tweeting a pizza emoji to the American fast-food brand. 

Music: The commercial's style is manifestly indie-doc inspired; fittingly, the music is emotional, stirring and excessively dramatic. The use of such a serious composition makes this commercial even more hilarious than it already is as it almost feels inappropriate to laugh at the distressed characters.

4. Joe Keery Domino’s Commercial (also known as the Ferris Bueller Domino’s Commercial)

During the latter half of the 2010s, most young people began to wish they had grown up in the 1980s thanks to one television show, Netflixs Stranger Things. Dominos jumped onto the era-focused hype and hired star of Stranger Things Joe Keery to feature in a commercial inspired by 80s cult-classic flick Ferris Buellers Day Off. The result? A truly nostalgic viewing experience. 

Music: Appropriately, the music of the Joe Keery Dominos commercial is 80s inspired. The first track that can be heard is a pop power ballad-inspired song created specifically for the ad; the second is a funky composition reminiscent of 80s action-comedy soundtracks; the third is Yellos world-renowned song Oh Yeah, famous for featuring in Ferris Buellers Day Off.

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5. Domino’s Delivery Business Commercial

Three years after the Ferris Bueller Dominos commercial, the American restaurant chain recreated another iconic 80s movie scene – this time, the scene comes from 1983s Risky Business. Instead of Tom Cruise dancing around in his shirt and underwear, we see a young Dominos customer recreate the iconic moment as he waits for his tasty Dominos order to be delivered.

Music: Fortunately, for film buffs like us, Dominos gained a license to the song from the Risky Business scene, Old Time Rock ‘n’ Roll’ by Bob Seger. Looking for something similar? Visit our Rock nRoll playlist.

6. Domino’s Tree Falls On Car Commercial

Comedy has always been an important part of Dominos commercials, and one of the funniest Dominos ads to date is the commercial thats often dubbed the tree falls on car ad. As the name suggests, the TV commercial focuses on a man whos happy to find his pizza is still intact after a huge tree destroys his car. Unfortunately, the man subsequently slips on some nearby which results in the pizza falling face down on the snow-covered ground. Luckily, Dominos informs viewers that all of their orders come with a carryout guarantee, meaning customers are entitled to a brand-new pizza if anything goes wrong before they can indulge in their order. 

Music: The music of this commercial kicks in after the customers unfortunate incidents. As the narrator runs through a carryout insurance explanation, a smooth jazz background track plays that gives the on-screen Dominos restaurant a welcoming atmosphere.

7. Domino’s The Noid Commercial

In 1986, Dominos introduced a new mischievous character called The Noid to television viewers. The Noid was supposed to embody all of the problems other pizza chains faced when trying to get their inferior pizzas out to their customers; of course, The Noid is unable to attack Dominos pizzas.

Music: To complement the animated commercials playful vibe, Dominos opted for a comical brass-led track. If youre planning on producing a funny commercial, visit our funny/comedy playlist to find the perfect background track for you.

8. Domino’s The Return of The Noid Commercial

In 2021, Dominos released a commercial which introduced Dominos Nuro self-driving vehicles and re-introduced The Noid. As a Nuro vehicle drives towards its designated destination, The Noid tries everything to stop the vehicle from delivering pizzas to customers. 

Music: Unsurprisingly, the commercial is a lot more cinematic than the original 80s ads featuring the Dominos antagonist; hence, the pizza chain opts for a grand orchestral adventure song to soundtrack the 30-second TV ad. 

9. Domino’s Nothing Can Stop Us Commercial

Dominos are constantly coming up with new, innovative ways to improve the experience of ordering and collecting your food. In 2021, Dominos USA introduced a two-minute guarantee that ensures all customers who opt for the car-side delivery receive their order within, you guessed it, two minutes. The humorous commercial proves that nothing – not rain, snow, wind or a stampede of zoo animals – will stop a Dominos employee from providing the customer with their food within the set time. But if they do miss the two-minute mark, the customer is entitled to a free Dominos pizza when they next order.

Music: This 30-second commercial is light-hearted and easy to digest. To dial up the cheery tone of the commercial, Dominos opts for a warm, atmospheric track, kinda like those found in our ambient/atmospheric playlist.

10. Domino’s Dinner Bell Commercial

Another of Dominos recent smart ideas is the Dominos dinner bell, an in-app feature introduced in the USA in 2018. Once activated, the Dominos dinner bell alerts all members of a family (or household) that a Dominos order has been placed and will soon be on the kitchen table. What an awesome way to gather your loved ones together!

Music: To exaggerate the effect of the Dominos dinner bell feature for entertainment purposes, the fast-food brand incorporates a drama-filled orchestral track into the commercial.  

11. Domino’s Donald Trump Commercial

Back in 2005, Dominos enlisted the help of businessman and future president Donald Trump to advertise their restaurants. When a Dominos delivery man knocks on Trump's door to deliver his pizzas, Trump distracts him with a nonsensical offer. Trump simply does this to confuse the delivery man who ends up leaving without collecting any cash from the businessman. Who knew Trump could be so clever?

Although Donald Trump is known for being a controversial character, the Dominos Donald Trump commercial is super tame. But if youre interested in watching some controversial ads, head on over to our the most controversial ads of our times article.

Music: A snippet of a background music track is used towards the end of the commercial when the mouth-watering pizzas are shown on screen. The fast-paced, exciting music contrasts against the slow pace of the rest of the commercial, re-capturing the audiencesattention when the important information is being advertised. 

12. Domino’s Pie Pass Commercial

Dominos Pie Pass commercial is dedicated to the fans of the 80s American sitcom Cheers. In the television show, Norm Peterson – played by George Wendt – would walk into the titular Boston bar and everyone would shout his name. You can check out every entrance in this YouTube video from NBCs Peacock right here

For the 2020 Dominos commercial that pays homage to the show, Dominos recruited Wendt to step back into the shoes of Norm for the sake of advertising their new Pie Pass feature. Essentially, it shows that when a customer checks in on Pie Pass using the Dominos app, they will be able to bypass the line inside of the restaurant and use their name to collect their order. Talk about a VIP experience. 

Music: To add to the Cheers theme of the commercial, Dominos uses the sitcoms theme tune to soundtrack the 30-second ad. In case youve never seen the show, the song is When Everybody Knows Your Name by Gary Portnoy. 

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13. Domino’s Movies For Free Commercial

Dominos is known for offering its customers a range of benefits, and in 2020 the American restaurant chain teamed up with Epixnow to provide users with free movies with every order. To advertise the new deal and partnership, Dominos created a commercial that runs through three different genres of film – namely explosive action flicks, spaghetti westerns and festive rom-coms.

Music: Naturally, with every genre of film comes a different music track. The action movie scene is married with a dramatic rock track; the rom-com scene is enlivened by a romantic track; the western scene is paired with an old-fashioned cowboy-inspired track

14. Domino’s Concrete Claire Commercial

Just two days before Christmas 2020, Dominos released a commercial in the UK and Ireland that seemingly suggests Dominos is the most reliable takeaway available. Within the ad, a future version of a young girl ordering food appears to warn her not to order from a pop-up restaurant and to stick with what she knows (AKA Dominos), or things will end disastrously. 

Music: Apart from the quiet diegetic music that plays in the background of the commercial, the commercial does not feature a production music track – however, various sound effects can be heard throughout. 

If youre hoping to add some similar sound effects to your next production, you may want to take a look at our musical effects page.

15. Domino’s Frazzled Dad Commercial 

Like the Concrete Claire commercial mentioned above, the Frazzled Dad commercial sees a regular Dominos customer warned by a future version of himself to avoid cheating on the takeaway pizza chain. Cheating always spells trouble, and in this case, cheating on Dominos will eventually lead to the dad being struck by lightning after being kicked out of the house by his children. Who knew food order decisions could be so life-altering?

Music: This ad also avoids using music and instead relies on sound effects to retain the audiences attention. You can find similar music effect noises over in our miscellaneous – FX playlist.

16. Domino’s The Simpsons Commercial

For years, Dominos sponsored The Simpsons on Sky One; thus, it came as no surprise to see a Dominos commercial featuring characters from the show.

Within the commercial, Homer Simpson fights with his family for a slice of new Ay Caramba fajita pizza after collecting it from a squeaky-voiced Dominos delivery driver. Later, a hungry Homer and his dog Santas Little Helper run after the Dominos delivery truck in an attempt to secure another pizza. 

Music: When the Ay Caramba fajita pizza is introduced to viewers, a vibrant Mexican-inspired track plays to highlight the new menu items flavour. 

17. Domino’s JOMO Commercial

Many of us experience FOMO regularly: we force ourselves to attend events and occasions because we cant stand the thought of not knowing what couldve been. In 2019, Dominos informed viewers that theres joy to be found in missing out, a feeling they call JOMO. After all, things never really are what you hype them up to be.

Music: This commercial is a compilation of clips that prove theres power and purpose in embracing JOMO instead of FOMO, and each clip is matched with its very own soundtrack. For example, a classic orchestral track plays during the stuck up dinner scene and an upbeat dance track plays during a party scene. 

18. The Secret to Every Handmade Domino’s is... Commercial

In 2017, Dominos released a commercial in the UK and Ireland that runs through some absurd theories about the mass production of Dominos pizzas, before reminding viewers that all Dominos pizzas are handmade in store. Led by a comedic woman, the commercial keeps viewers laughing all the way throughout and emphasises the freshness of Dominos pizzas. 

Music: At the very end of the commercial, a short but memorable sting can be heard that brings the ad to a close. If youre looking for a sting for your next project, make sure you check out our selection over to our stings page which features 16 playlists, including vocal, vintage and international

19. Domino’s The Official Foods of Nights In Commercial

Dominos The Official Foods of Nights In commercial perfectly captures the unnecessarily dramatic happenings inside of a British household. Inside the home of a family of four, a brother and sister battle their way across the hallway to secure the living rooms sole recliner chair. Of course, when the ad cuts to the family sitting in the living room together, Dominos pizza boxes can be spotted ready and waiting on the table for the family to enjoy. 

Music: This 2019 television commercial merges high culture with pop culture as Mozarts Requiem in D Minor plays over a narrative that focuses on a family preparing to indulge in a Dominos pizza takeaway.

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20. Domino’s Commercial with Audio Network Music

In 2019, Dominos produced a 10-second TV spot to play before episodes accessed on Channel 4s on-demand service, All 4. As the phrase The official food of came for one episode, stayed for 20appears on screen, alt-pop song Cant Get Through to You by British singer-songwriter Nemi plays in the background, injecting some much-needed personality into the simplistic ad. 

You can listen to a variety of Nemis tracks over on the artists page, including the aforementioned Cant Get Through To You

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