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Your guide to the best parties at Cannes Lions 2016


With Cannes Lions fast approaching, we asked a couple of our favourite Lions veterans for their top party tips.

Anders Wendel, Creative at RKCR/Y&R:

I've been attending Cannes for the last six years and think I will attend until the day I die. Some might find it a bit sad that I love it so much but I don’t see what’s not to love: four days of sun-filled parties with good music, food and drink, and surrounded by some of your best mates. Sounds pretty good to me.

For me, Cannes is all about the day time - the lunches and the villa parties. The magic happens in the mountains. The best party I’ve ever attended was hosted by Stink five years ago. They had rented out a massive villa in a huge park with a tree planted by Queen Victoria in the middle. It was pretty amazing, partying in the presence of history. I'm also a huge fan of the Audio Network parties. Amazing crowd and locations with a very chilled vibe. I played last year and I'm DJing again this year. It's probably what I'm looking forward to the most in 2016.

RSA, Finger Music and Bacon normally do pretty crazy parties but they are laying low at the moment. I don't mind because it lets newer players enter the scene. So now is a good time if you are thinking of doing a party in Cannes - just remember to invite me!

Cannes Music House

Attilio Gianfrancesco, Head of Sales and Marketing at Great Guns:

You start with the energy of a Lion and you end with the energy of... oh well, I’ll let you discover that part of the festival.

Attending events and exclusive parties during the festival week is the best opportunity to meet and network with advertising peers from different parts of the world, so it's not a surprise that everyone is always chasing tickets for them.

This is a list of events I have learned not to miss during the festival:


This is one of my favourites as Joce is one of the best party organizers with her Rushes events. London ones are always great, and this one on the other side of the Channel is the cherry on the cake. Get your dancing shoes on for a fun-fueled evening.


This is a hard one to get into (you need to be subscribers of the magazine, folks), but is attended by people from across the spectrum of ad world. The beach party on the Thursday night takes place when everyone is in town and the festival is in full swing - it's the one that nobody wants to miss.

APA Soiree 

Just before things start getting out of hand, you want to go down to the APA and its partners’ soiree for a glass of rosé - one of many you will drink during the week! It's got a fantastic chilled atmosphere and is a great way to start the evening.

Spanish Party

I loved this one last year - paella and cerveza time in the middle of the afternoon! Awesome!


This is a difficult one for me to miss! We're in our third year of putting on our Thursday night afterparty. Starting at 1am, this is the place to go. Georgie is well known in the industry for her fantastic DJ skills - she keeps the whole crowd going until the early hours of Friday morning. Pure fun.

All the parties might take a toll on you so during the day, you should recover at the LBB beach, Location Guide or Google beach.

One final thing: I heard Audio Network are putting together some amazing villa parties this year...

Thanks guys!

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