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Whether youre a US citizen or not, youre doubtless familiar with the Super Bowl, the grand finale of the National Football League (NFL) season.

Significantly greater than your average sporting event, the annual occasion is an all-singing, all-dancing spectacular, and the Super Bowl LVI (AKA the 56th Super Bowl) is set to be flashier than ever. 

This year, the halftime show is the responsibility of actual hip hop and R&B royalty: Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar, Eminem and Mary J. Blige.

Suffice to say, both fans of the NFL and music will be tuning in to NBC to watch the Super Bowl at SoFi stadium (Inglewood, California) on Sunday 13th February 2022. No wonder the Super Bowl remains an advertisers delight.

The Best Super Bowl Ads 2022

From Amazon to Squarespace via Lay's, all the big brands contributed to the Super Bowl commercial breaks.

Here are the best Super Bowl Ads of 2022.

Marvel Studios – Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness | Official Trailer

The ad that got everybody talking on Super Bowl night was actually a trailer: a two-minute-and-a-bit spectacle that built hype around the next silver screen instalment of the MCU franchise: Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Dramatic music, unearthly settings and new and established characters tease one of the most surreal superhero flicks yet. (Considering the amount out there, that's saying something.) And with Sam Raimi at the helm – a director renowned for his horror flicks and Spider-Man trilogy – we and the rest of the fanbase are expecting the unexpected.

Planet Fitness – Whats Gotten Into Lindsay?

Lindsay Lohan is on the brink of a comeback. ICYMI, she's set to play the lead protagonist in the Netflix original, Falling For Christmas. Now that's what we call a festive treat. 

To win her fellow Americans (and the rest of the world) over before her small screen moment, the actress-cum-businesswoman starred in Planet Fitness' 2022 Super Bowl commercial. Within the 30-second spot – enhanced by a smooth string and percussion beat and appearances from Dennis Rodman and Danny Trejo – Lohan proves she's back on top by lending her hand to all kinds of odd jobs. 

Verizon – Goodbye Cable

Jim Carey is another reemerging thespian who popped up on our screens during the Super Bowl commercial break. Oh, how weve missed this mans zany, unparalled sense of humour. 

Within Verizons slap-happy ad, Carey embraces the role of an ignorant cable guy who cant quite believe that Verizon 5G internet exists. In fact, he believes the 5G box to be some form of wizardry – hence the magical music.

Uber Eats – Uber Dont Eats

Uber Eats assembled Jennifer Coolidge, Gwyneth Paltrow, Trevor Noah and Nicholas Braun for its Super Bowl 2022 ad because, why not? From the offset, they were onto a winner. 

The ordering platform used its advertising spot to inform viewers that they now also deliver dont eats’ as well as eats. In other words, they now deliver groceries and everyday essentials. Unfortunately, the aforementioned stars didnt get to the memo – thus, they proceed to munch on their dont eat’ deliveries, placing their trust in the 'eat' in 'Uber Eats'.

Lays – Golden Memories

Is there anybody on this planet who doesnt find Paul Rudd and Seth Rogan hilarious? We certainly hope not. Lays recruited the IRL buddies to star in its Super Bowl ad. The objective? Remind viewers that Lay's crisps have been there for you through the good and the bad. Bags of Lay's are bags of memories. 

Our favourite moment? Its got to be the flashback to 1997. This brief moment sees Rudd and Rogan on a road trip, singing along to Shania Twains country-pop classic, Youre Still The One. Iconic.

BIC Lighters – Smoke Turkey

In 2008, Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart struck up a friendship; ever since, Statesiders have been obsessed with the unlikely pairing. 

In 2022, French manufacturing company Bic worked with the twosome on a big game commercial. Set in a backyard where soft piano music plays, the commercial promotes Bic lighters by playing with the fact that Snoop Dogg is synonymous with smoking marijuana. 

Squarespace – Sallys Seashells

For its 2022 ad, Squarespace fleshed out the worlds second most famous tongue twister (after Peter Piper, of course) – ‘She sells sea shells on the sea shore. Whos she, the cats mother? No Spider-Mans gf, apparently. Only here, Zendaya takes on the unassuming name of Sally.

To the sounds of a light seaside track and Andre 3000s super-soothing voice, Sally sets up her business on Squarespace and, in turn, makes boatloads of money. We certainly didnt see that one coming. 

BMW – Zeus & Hera

Within BMWs Super Bowl 2022 commercial, Arnold Schwarzenegger takes on a role he was born to play: Zeus. Salma Hayek plays his right hand, Hera. Sure, the casting has probably already sold you, but you're probably still wondering, What have Greek gods got to do with automobiles? 

Basically, the minute-long story sees the mythological couple retire on Earth where Hera surprises the God of Thunder with BMWs brand-new electric car. Silly, sure, but its a lot of fun. 

Doritos – Push It | FlaminHot

Props to Doritos for creating a celebrity-less commercial that stands out from the rest. Set in an exotic forest, the ad imagines how wild animals would react to the Doritos and Cheetos' (both owned by FritoLay) flamin’ hot offerings. 

Featuring a hungry sloth, breakdancing fox, and a sneezy bear, the dream-like commercial – made even more bizarre by the addition of Salt-N-Pepas hip hop hitPush it  – is definitely intriguing. 

Amazon – Mind Reader

Ever heard the outlandish yet popular theory that Alexa is a mind reader? Ridiculous, right? So ridiculous that it sounds like something out of a sci-fi comedy film. Amazon imagines what that film would like in its Super Bowl 2022 ad. There's even a film-like feel to the soundtrack!

Starring Scarlett Johansson and her beau Colin Jost as, as far as we can tell, themselves, the ad follows the couple through various awkward situations in which Alexa exposes their true thoughts and feelings. 

Headspace – Sleep with John Legend

This years Super Bowl arrived just one day before Valentines Day. Headspace was, seemingly, the only brand to spot an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. In this instance, that stone is a silk-draped John Legend. 

The commercial invites viewers to sleep with’ the soul singer by downloading his new Sleepcast on the Headspace app. Of course, the English-American company had a ball with the connotations of such an invitation. – Idris Elba Says Things

For its Super Bowl 2022 commercial, Idris Elba, the lovable Londoner, became the voice of Patently, the Dutch travel agency opted for the actor to push the notion that the website – like Idris – is modest and approachable. 

How does the ad retain the audience's attention? By constantly switching up the setting. One moment Idris finds himself behind a Hawaiian beach bar, and the next, hes chopping wood beside a cabin where a homely, folky background track plays.

Prime Video – The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power

Bar the Doctor Strange preview, the trailer that garnered the most attention on Sunday 13th February 2022 was The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power teaser. Prime Video excited viewers by teasing an action-packed, cinematic (just listen to that movie theatre-ready background track) journey back to Middle Earth.

Will this LOTR prequel series – the most expensive TV show to date – be everything we hope it is? Only time will tell. But judging by the trailer, it seems as though all of that money was well spent. 

Rakuten – High Stakes

Rakuten recruited Ted Lassos breakout star Hannah Waddingham to keep viewers' eyes glued onto the screen during the big game commercials. In the ad, heady with Casino Royale vibes (there's even a tense production track), the British actress proves that she'd make a fantastic movie villain by causing chaos within a casino. 

Whats the purpose of the ad? Fundamentally, it aims to make viewers aware of the companys cashback scheme. Suddenly, the gambling house setting makes sense...

Bud Light – Land of Loud Flavours

Bud Light never let us down when it comes to Super Bowl ads – its light-hearted adverts are just the thing audiences require whilst stressing about the games outcome. Call it escapism. This year, Bud Light used its moment to advertise its brand-new range of Hard Soda Seltzers. 

What's the plot? The commercial follows three everyday Americans who walk through a fridge into the Land of Loud Flavours – a destination characterised by vibrant colours, food and rock music – ruled by Guy Fieri. By the end of the ad, Bud Light's Hard Soda Seltzers are pronounced the loudest flavours of them all. Is this the C.S. Lewis tale of our times? Perhaps so.

T-Mobile – Miley Cyrus Sings a Song for 5G Phones

Dolly Parton and Miley Cyrus have been Godmother and Goddaughter goals ever since the former appeared in the latters Disney Channel show, Hannah Montana. For its Super Bowl 2022 ad, T-Mobile took advantage of Parton and Cyrus’ special bond to create a moment that had the potential to go viral. 

Bluntly titled Miley Cyrus Sings a Song for 5G Phones’ (talk about frill-free), the ridiculous yet entertaining ad sees Dolly inspire her Goddaughter to dedicate a song to our mobiles – used and abused devices that rarely receive love. 

Google – Lizzo in Real Tone 

Google used its Super Bowl moment to inform an estimated 117 million viewers that its new camera technology accurately captures darker skin tones. Better late than never, we guess.

To prove its RealTone technology actually works, Google presents images taken on the Pixel 6 of people of various skin tones. The result is a sincere celebration of diversity and individuality accompanied by a poignant track from Lizzo. Props to you, Google.

The Best Super Bowl Ads 2021

Klarna – The Four Quarter-Sized Cowboys

A large percentage of the Super Bowl LV ads intended to make you laugh. Perhaps the funniest of them all came from a very unexpected source – Klarna. 

The Swedish fintech company teamed up with TV and film icon Maya Rudolph to create a 45-second-long commercial that involved the star taking on not one, not two, not three, but four roles – four quarter-sized cowboys, to be exact.

Whats the story? Basically, The Rudolph foursome ride into a small Western town, singing Nancy Sinatracountry hit, ‘These Boots Are Made For Walkin, whereupon they split the cost of a pair of baby pink cowboy boots.

Here's hoping 2022 brings us a sequel.

State Farm – Drake From State Farm

Love him or hate him, theres no denying that Drake is a good sport. 

In 2021, the hip hop rapper reminded us that hes always up for making people smile when he appeared in State Farms 2021 Super Bowl ad, playing Jake from State Farms stand-in.

He also reminded us that he has the power to outshine almost anyone – including the endlessly lovable Paul Rudd.

Anheuser–Busch – Lets Grab a Beer

If a Super Bowl advert doesnt make you laugh or want to hand over your wallet, it probably aims to evoke emotion. This is certainly the case for Anheuser-Buschs Lets Grab a Beer commercial.

In the space of a minute, Anheuser-Busch harnesses the power of advertising to convince viewers that beer is a necessity in modern-day life. As a reflective piano track plays, the brewing company shows us how their alcoholic beverages raise spirits, promotes community and ignites relationships.

M&M’s – Come Together

According to M&M’s, chocolate is another great way to bring people together. 

Quite literally entitled Come Together, the brands Super Bowl 2021 commercial features various instances in which M&M’s can improve a situation.

How does the ad retain our attention? By featuring a sickly sweet background track (fitting, we know) that drives the narrative, and an appearance from Schitt’s Creek star Dan Levy. 

Amazon – Alexas Body

Amazon always delivers on Super Bowl day, and things were no different in 2021 when Michael B.

Jordan quite literally embodied Alexa. Confused? Allow us to explain. 

Essentially, the ad focuses on an Amazon employee fantasising about Michael B. Jordan becoming her own personal Alexa – assisting her at home with various tasks, including turning on the lights and adding items to her shopping list.

To emphasise Mr Jordans magnetism, the woman's on-screen fantasy is soundtracked by a slow and sensual song.

Squarespace – 5 to 9

Hollywood director Damien Chazelle, of La La Land and Whiplash fame, and Tony Award-winning choreographer Justin Peck, were recruited by Squarespace to produce 5 to 9: a Super Bowl 2021 advert that pivots around the idea of turning Dolly Parton’s ‘9-5’ on its head. 

Squarespaces revised version of the country-pop song aims to leave audiences wondering what they could be doing with their after-work hours.

Cadillac – Scissorhands Free

For much of his career so far, Timothée Chalamet has found himself being compared to Johnny Depp. In 2021, Cadillac allowed the young actor to take on one of Depps most celebrated roles: Edward Scissorhands. Well, almost. 

Within the ad, Edgar Scissorhands‘ attempts to navigate his way through the typical day of a young adults life. As one might expect, his razor-sharp hands make things a little difficult.

However, one thing he neednt stress about is driving, as his mother – played by Winona Ryder – surprises him with the all-electric Cadillac LYRIQ that features hands-free supercruise.

As both mother and son drive around their suburban neighbourhood, haunting music from Burtons original flick plays to trigger the audiences nostalgia. 

Mountain Dew – Major Melon Bottle Count

John Cenas exuberant demeanor is completely on-brand for Mountain Dew, so it was no surprise to see the star and the soft drinks company team up on a Super Bowl commercial.

The ad transports viewers into a pink and green world that looks as though it was designed by the team behind Fortnite (AKA the reason why kids and teens want to stay up all night).

Aptly, the music that plays as Cena drives through the vibrant environment sounds as though it's been adopted from the video game. Is this Mountain Dew's way of targeting Gen-Z? It certainly seems so. 

Cheetos – It Wasnt Me

If youre the head of advertising at a big-time company thats looking to excite audiences during the ad breaks of the Super Bowl, celebrity duos are your fail-safe power move.

Extra points if theyre a romantically-involved couple. 

For instance, Cheetos relied on the chemistry between Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis for their 2021 Super Bowl ad, and it worked. The soundtrack to their interaction? Shaggyreggae-pop smash-hit, It Wasnt Me.

Hellmanns – Fairy God Mayo

Amy Schumer is no stranger to odd comedy gigs, but her part in Hellmanns 2021 Super Bowl ad might just be her strangest to date. 

Within the 45-second-long ad, Schumer plays an everyday man's Fairy God Mayo.

As her title suggests, she brings a little magic – and a touch of electronic hip hop music – to said mans life to show him that anything is possible when you have a jar of Hellmann’s mayonnaise.

Oatly – Wow No Cow

Oatly rely on their quirky approach to advertising to a) sell their delicious dairy-alternative products and b) raise awareness about the benefits of switching from cows milk to oat milk.

The Swedish-food companys Super Bowl 2021 commercial introduces Wow, No Cow’, an original song created especially for the ad.

Performed by the companys CEO, the repetitive track aims to establish the idea that its truly shocking that Oatly milk is just as tasty (and creamy) as cows milk.

And if it doesn't do that, at least it commands attention – alerting audience members to the fact that Oatly exists.

DoorDash – The Neighborhood

Sesame Streets Big Bird and actor Daveed Diggs is the duo we never knew we needed. We thank online food ordering company DoorDash for bringing them together for our viewing pleasure. 

Within the joyous ad that they grace, Diggs sings and raps about DoorDashs services to inform Big Bird and viewers who are new to the company what theyre missing out on. 

Disney+ – Get Your Stream On

The intrinsic purpose of a commercial is to entice you to spend your hard-earned cash on an advertisers product or service.

If, then, an advert best judged by its ability to promote, the Disney+ Super Bowl 2021 deserves recognition. 

Quite simply, this commercial persuades audiences to sign up to the subscription service by boasting its incredible range of content – from PIXARSoul to MarvelWandavision.

And, of course, music has a role to play within the commercial: Homegrown’s ‘The Best Thing’ provides an element of consistency throughout the high-octane 30 seconds. 

Uber Eats – Eat Local

Uber Eats cooked up a bitesize sequel to Waynes World for their Super Bowl 2021 commercial – ingredients include Mike Myers, Dana Carvey, Cardi B and some DIY rock music

Asides from making people laugh, the ad aims to encourage viewers to eat local by ordering from nearby restaurants via the Uber Eats app.

Its safe to say the message is clearly conveyed (watch the ad, you'll see know what we mean). 

Bud Light – Legends

Bud Light has a history of creating epic commercials featuring memorable mascots and world-renowned celebs.

For their 2021 Super Bowl commercial, the beer company assembled their most famous characters – including our favourite: the Bud Light Knight from the 2018 Game of Thrones-inspired commercial – à la Avengers: Endgame.

Funny, intense (thanks to the dramatic music) and surprisingly warming, this commercial is one of the best Super Bowl ads in history.

Want to watch more Bud Light ads? Visit our Bud Light Commercials: What Makes Them So Good? article. 

Those Were the Best Super Bowl Ads of 2022

As you can see, music plays a pivotal role in each and every Super Bowl commercial: it’s the glue that sticks all of the components together.

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