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The Best Environmental Ads


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If there’s one thing most of us can agree on, it’s that we need to be kinder to our planet.

Naturally, advertisers are savvy to our increasingly eco-conscious mindset, hence there are plenty of television commercials that place the environment front and centre of their campaign. 

What exactly does an environmental advert look like? Well, it all comes down to what is being advertised.

To a fashion brand like Levis, an environmental advertisement informs consumers that theyre doing their bit to ensure that they make conscious decisions that are planet-positive.

To an environmental organisation like Conservation International, an environmental advertisement warns viewers about the consequences of the planets destruction.

To a car manufacturer like Mercedes-Benz, an environmental commercial often promotes a new, more eco-friendly automobile. 

Below, we take a look at the best environmental ads, produced by the likes of Apple, Pangaia, IKEA and WWF.

How Do You Advertise Environmental Awareness? 

Before we dive into our best environmental ads list, we thought itd be best to answer one of the most popular questions surrounding the topic: how do you advertise environmental awareness?

To that we say that environmental awareness can be raised in a plethora of ways, as there are a variety of aspects an advertiser may choose to focus on. 

Perhaps the most obvious way in which an advertiser may ensure that viewers are aware of the impact human beings are having on the planet is by literally presenting them with scenes of worldwide destruction, be that dirty oceans, droughts, wildfires or obtrusive landfills. 

A second way an advertiser may open up conversations about environmental awareness is by reminding viewers of the beauty of the world. Usually, these kinds of environmental ads ask viewers to be conscious about our impact on the Earth for future generations of humans and the animal kingdom. 

A third way advertisers can raise awareness about environmental issues is by presenting viewers with sustainable choices they can make to combat environmental issues – for instance, purchasing an electric car, or wearing clothes made from recycled materials. 

The fourth and final way an advertiser may raise awareness about the environment is by producing an advert that pivots around a promise theyre making which involves turning towards more sustainable practices. Of course, brands often do this to entice the conscious-minded to purchase its products or use its services. 

Check out this Earth Day ad from NASA for more inspiration.

The Best Environmental Ads

  • Greenpeace – Breathe in, Breathe Out
  • Toyota – Environmental Commitment: Earth Day
  • Apple – iMessage: Renewable Energy
  • Pangaia – What on Earth is PANGAIA?
  • Coca-Cola – World Without Waste
  • WWF – We Are All Connected 
  • UN Environment Programme – Seven Billion Dreams. One Planet. Consume with Care.
  • Apple – A Climate Change Promise
  • IKEA – Climate Action Starts At Home
  • Conservation International – Nature Now
  • Levis – Buy Better. Wear Longer
  • UN Environment Programme – #CleanSeas Break Up PSA
  • Scottish Government – Climate Change
  • Wild – The Sustainable Natural Deodorant 
  • Aardman Animations – Turtle Journey
  • Adidas Originals – End Plastic Waste | STAN SMITH, FOREVER
  • Iceland – Palm Oil
  • Mango – Making Fashion More Sustainable
  • Google – Third Decade of Climate Action
  • Volvo Moment – Sustainability #VolvoRecharged
  • Mercedes-Benz – Sustainability Initiatives

Greenpeace – Breathe in, Breathe Out

In 2009, Greenpeace released a commercial titled Breathe In, Breathe Outin which water mimics a respiratory system. Theres even a deep breath sound effect!

The purpose of this ad is to inform viewers that the ocean provides humankind with half the oxygen they breathe in, so it’s paramount that we do what we can to keep the oceans alive. 

Toyota – Environmental Commitment: Earth Day

For Earth Day 2018, Toyota announced that they are committed to building a better world via an upbeat commercial complete with an upbeat soundtrack.

Its contribution? Eco-advanced vehicles that eliminate CO2 emissions. 

Apple – iMessage: Renewable Energy

Advertising legends Apple transported viewers into a world many visit each and every day – the world of iMessage – back in 2016.

Here, in this realm of emojis and happy music, the brand enlightened people to the fact that its data centres are powered by 100% renewable energy. 

Pangaia – What on Earth is Pangaia?

Eco-friendly fashion label Pangaia is concerned with finding new and unexpected ways to use natural materials to form hype-worthy clothes.

Within this 2022 ad – soundtracked by psychedelic 60s anthem Ad Gloriam’ by Le Orme – the environmentally-friendly firm introduces themselves to anyone whos not yet aware of the brand and its planet-positive ethos. 

Coca-Cola – World Without Waste

Within this colourful Coca-Cola 2018 ad elevated by a sprightly background track, Coca-Cola asks the big question: how do we make a world without waste possible?

By telling viewers that theyre doing their bit, they are also letting the environmentally conscious know that its ok to pick up a bottle and can of their soft drink.

WWF – We Are All Connected 

WWFs 2011 We Are All Connected’ commercial is a touching piano-led ad that reminds viewers that all living things on this planet are bound together – from the elephants to the birds to the people – with a little love and a lot of rope. 

UN Environment Programme – Seven Billion Dreams. One Planet. Consume with Care.

The sole purpose of the UN Environment Programmes 2015 commercial is to show the current state of the world, both the harm humans are causing and the beauty that will no longer exist if every one of us doesnt begin to consume with care.

How does it go about grabbing the audience's attention? With an emotional soundtrack, of course. 

Apple – A Climate Change Promise

Another environmental ad thats imbued with emotion is Apples 2020 A Climate Change Promise’ commercial.

Essentially the ad places focus on a reassuring narrator telling a young baby named Edan that the company plans on making positive changes to the planet for the sake of future generations. 

IKEA – Climate Action Starts At Home

Everyones favourite homeware brand IKEA can usually be found at the forefront of innovation.

Thus, it comes as no surprise that it has a thing or two to say about saving the planet.

Watch this jazzy commercial to pick up some useful ways to reduce your negative impact on the planet. You can check out more of our favourite IKEA ads here.

Conservation International – Nature Now

Think of the environment, and Greta Thunberg will likely come to mind.

In 2019, Nature Now gave the young activist a platform to share her message about the impact fossil fuels are having on the planet.

Its safe to say she gets her point across with a little help from some shocking visuals and a dramatic background music track

Levis – Buy Better. Wear Longer

In 2021, Levis enlisted the help of Jaden Smith, Marcus Rashford and other noteworthy individuals to encourage viewers to stop buying into fast fashion to instead invest in pieces, like Levi jeans, that will last for a long time and never go out of style.

Its engaging, expertly edited and features a thrilling electric background track

UN Environment Programme – #CleanSeas Break Up PSA

Yes, environmental ads can be humorous. Case in point: the UN Environment Programmes #CleanSeas’ ad from the 2018 commercial.

Inspired by archetypal movie break-up scenes, the ad focuses on a girl breaking up with ocean-damaging plastics – and, of course, its enhanced by some heartbreak music

Scottish Government – Climate Change

In 2016, The Scottish Government aired a completely unexpected ad focusing on climate change.

Essentially an action movie spoof – theres action movie music and all! – the ad sees hero Jack Rider save the world by recycling an eggshell. Yes, really. 

Wild – The Sustainable Natural Deodorant 

Wild knows that saving the world should be a positive thing, which is why its ad focusing on sustainable natural deodorant from June 2021 keeps things light-hearted throughout.

Led by a buoyant main character walking through the woods, the ad is about as laidback as an environmental ad can be. 

Aardman Animations – Turtle Journey

Everyone loves a bit of Aardman Animations.

So, no matter if youre a Chicken Run fan or a Wallace and Gromit enthusiast, youre bound to appreciate everything about its environmental awareness ad, from the poignant piano music to the adorable characters.

Adidas Originals – End Plastic Waste | Stan Smith, Forever

Who better to inform audiences about the beauty of being green than Kermit the Frog? Yoda, you say? Well, hes also featured in this Adidas Originals ad that promotes the brands sustainable Stan Smith sneaker.

Plus, the shoes namesake makes an appearance himself, along with some soul-stirring string-led background music. 

Iceland – Palm Oil

Back in 2018, an animated Iceland ad focusing on environmental issues proved controversial – so much so, the ad was banned.

The sad commercial – accompanied by a sad soundtrack – focuses on an orangutan in a young girls bedroom whos making a mess by being his cheeky self.

Why is he there? Because the humans destroyed his home, the forest and, in turn, killed his mother for the sake of producing palm oil. 

Mango – Making Fashion More Sustainable

In 2021, Mango created a commercial characterised by earthy ensembles, atmospheric music and exotic destinations that let shoppers know that its committed to creating clothes from materials with sustainable properties.

Its almost as if the Spanish brand is suggesting that shopping with them can help one reconnect with nature. 

Google – Third Decade of Climate Action

During the winter of 2020, Google was keen to show that theyve always been ahead of the curve when it comes to sustainability and caring for the planet.

The best way to boast about their Earth conscious practises? Produce a timeline-structured television ad complete with thoughtful music

Volvo Moment – Sustainability #VolvoRecharged

Many viewers gained new respect for Swedish car manufacturer Volvo the minute that they admitted in their 2019 ad that theyve been contributing to climate change, but are looking to make some positive changes in the coming years. Finally, some transparency!

The brand's plan? Become climate neutral by placing emphasis on electric models and using renewable energy to run production plants. 

Mercedes-Benz – Sustainability Initiatives

Mercedes-Benz brought elements of mystery to its March 2021 environmental advert, including shots of foggy scenery and a haunting rendition of The Beatles’ ‘Come Together’.

Well, thats certainly one way of getting your audience to pay attention. 

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