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Why should a brand create marketing content specifically for China? Simply put, China is one of the largest markets in the world, and Chinese consumers are more inclined to build a relationship with a brand that makes an effort to target them in relatable and culturally sensitive ways.

Hence, each year, both local and global brands release adverts that target their Chinese customer base. Evidently, it’s worth their time. 

Below, we run through the best Chinese commercials, including those that feature music from our ever-expanding catalogue of background music. 

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The Best Chinese Ads:

  • Dove

  • Pepsi

  • Coca Cola

  • Nike

  • Adidas

  • KFC

  • Apple

  • Anta Sports

  • Shanghai Disney Resort

  • Sprite

  • Lego

  • IKEA

  • Sony

  • Honda

  • Gucci x Disney

  • Tmall Fashion

  • Tmall NBA Fans Day

  • Forevermark


  • Puma

The Best Chinese Commercials

Without further ado, let's jump in. 


Dove may be an American brand, but its all-embracing ethos remains intact in China.

For this commercial, Chinese women from various demographics are shown going about their daily activities with healthy, shiny hair. It indicates that all of them use Dove haircare products.

The friendly tone of the background track sends a message to Chinese viewers that they are welcome to join the Dove club – and celebrate their unique differences.


Millions of people in China count themselves as sci-fi and fantasy fans.

In the 00s, Pepsi made an impression by creating a blockbuster-style commercial that combined the two genres. It’s action-packed, unexpected and, most importantly, exciting.

As in most sci-fi and fantasy flicks (Star Wars, we’re looking at you), the music reflects the fast-paced plot. Check out similar tracks in our Fantasy and Science Fiction playlists.


A great way for a Western brand to relate to Chinese audiences is by producing a commercial that celebrates the Chinese New Year.

Coca-Cola has been releasing Chinese New Year commercials for years, and the animated-meets-live-action commercial released in 2016 is by far our favourite.

Why? It reminds us that winter is a time for cosying up with your family and getting in touch with your inner child, no matter where you live in the world. 

Coca-Cola may localise their commercials, but they keep their house codes consistent. If you listen closely to the music, you will notice it’s a Chinese take on Coca-Cola’s ‘Taste the Feeling’ anthem. 


Nike has produced thousands of adverts over the years, but perhaps the most unorthodox is the ‘Shanghai’s Never Done’ commercial for China.

Set in Lin’s Finish Line Shop, the charming store owner Mr Lin talks us through his business whilst touching upon the spirit of Shanghai’s Swoosh-sporting athletes.

‘Curious’ is perhaps the best word to describe the character of Mr Lin, and the music that plays in the background of the advert is just as mystifying as the main character.

Find more quirky and strange music in our dedicated playlist.


In 2017, Adidas acknowledged the importance of individuality with their ‘One in a Billion’ commercial for China – a title that plays on the fact that over a billion people live there.

Unlike most Western brands, Adidas took the time to pay homage to Chinese culture and represented Chinese people from all different backgrounds. Unsurprisingly, it was a big hit.

Adidas’s choice of music may be Chinese inspired, but it never feels forced – it sounds more like an homage.

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For KFC China’s 30th anniversary, a special commercial was created that featured Colonel Sanders (who, we must say, looks great for his age).

The minute-long advert is super fun and effectively finds a middle point between American and Chinese culture.

What kind of music does a goofy advert require? Goofy music, of course.

The country-inspired song reminds audiences that KFC is all a bit of fun, and a KFC restaurant is the perfect place to make happy memories.


Apple has a reputation for producing some of the most creative commercials on our screens, and they work just as hard to impress their Chinese audience as they do Westerners.

Although the minute-long ad – officially titled ‘Tick Tock’ – has all the trappings of an American or European Apple commercial, the settings are familiar to the Chinese audience, allowing them to relate to the overseas brand.

Apple know a thing or two about music, so we’re never surprised to hear a song in an Apple commercial that perfectly pairs with the visuals.

In this instance, the California-based brand has found the perfect track to lend an ‘everyday routine’ vibe.

Anta Sports

Chinese sports brand Anta connected to viewers during the 2010s by associating themselves with China’s Olympic athletes.

The sportswear label sent a message to customers that their gear is good enough for world-class athletes, so good enough for everyone.

A no-frills sports commercial deserves a loud, proud and powerful track, with relentless energy.

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Shanghai Disney Resort

In 2016, Disney brought its Mouse magic to Shanghai by opening the Shanghai Disney Resort in the district of Pudong.

To advertise the theme park, it created a commercial that, in true Disney fashion, appealed to all the family. It featured fairytale princesses, dastardly pirates and Dumbo.

Stepping into a Disney theme park is like stepping into another world, and the transportive music used here establishes the idea that the brand-new Disney park is a place where dreams really do come true. 


Sprite proved that they understood and appreciated Chinese culture in 2017, when they released a Chinese New Year commercial starring Chinese hip hop star Masiwei.

In the 30-second TV spot, Masiwei visits his family home to celebrate the annual holiday – and was bombarded with typical parent questions such as ‘Have you found a girlfriend yet?’.

The Masiwei song from the commercial is ‘Refresh’.

The lyrics are relevant to the commercial, and the video for the single features dozens of cans of the soft drink.


Many of us treasure childhood memories of playing with Lego bricks, and it’s no different in China.

For Chinese New Year 2021, Lego created a commercial that shows how Lego can trigger heart-warming childhood recollections. Neatly, the Danish toy brand ties this into the Chinese celebration.

Lego opted for an uplifting yet nostalgic track to encourage audiences to relate to the characters.

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During the 00s, IKEA released a super-short commercial in China that’s been on our minds ever since. It’s just so clever!

The commercial follows a young mum who lives in an apartment with her husband and their child.

As the woman goes to collect the post from their mail box, she sees a vision of herself and her family inside the box, in an idyllic living room. She closes the box and open it again to find the new IKEA catalogue. 

The 15-second commercial does not feature music, but audiences are treated to a few sound effects. Check out our selection of sound effects in our neutral SFX playlist.


Japanese brand Sony used humour to recruit Chinese consumers in 2014, with their Handycam commercial.

The ad focuses on two dads on holiday struggling to record footage of their families, while a third dad sits back and relaxes because he is using the Sony Handycam.

It’s comical, easy to follow and bound to entertain.

The jazzy, upbeat music that plays throughout adds an extra element of light-heartedness to the narrative. 


We never thought a Honda commercial could be exciting until we witnessed the Japanese car manufacturer’s 2021 Honda Civic Commercial.

The Chinese commercial shows off the updated features of the model and portrays it as the next ‘it’ car. The power of marketing, alright. 

The high-octane music purposely exaggerates the car’s bad boy attitude. Who knew a Honda could have so much vim?

Our Chinese Ad Syncs

Looking for a bit more inspiration? Check these awesome Chinese ads that have used our music.

Gucci x Disney 

Gucci and Disney – two brands at the apex of their game – recently teamed up to create a magical collection of luxury garments and accessories.

To advertise the collaboration, Gucci invited six influential fashion bloggers and their loved ones to Shanghai Disney Resort and dressed them up in Gucci x Disney pieces for an enchanting campaign film.

The heart-warming music is redolent of a track from a Disney fairytale. Check out our Magical/Mystical playlist for similar tracks.

Click here to watch!

TMall Fashion

Chinese platform TMall is many things, including a fashion retail space.

To promote their Spring / Summer 2019 collections, the company released a stylish commercial that follows a diverse group of young sartorial connoisseurs as they express themselves through their hobbies, including skating, running and dancing.

To complement the retro attire sported by the style-savvy individuals, TMall opted for Tobin, Meegan and Gavita’s 1950s-inspired track, ‘I’m Sorry’.

Click here to watch!

chinese ads

Tmall NBA Fans Day

Western sports are followed by millions worldwide, and one of the most popular in China is American basketball.

In fact, the NBA is so popular there that Tmall hosts an NBA Fans Day that allows China-based fans to interact with NBA content.

To spread the word, Tmall released a commercial that celebrates NBA devotees.

The sporty Audio Network track featured in the Tmall NBA Fans Day commercial is upbeat and exciting, capturing the spirit of the NBA crowd. 

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chinese ads


Forevermark – a subsidiary of De Beers – is one of the most popular diamond companies in China.

The brand’s 2018 commercial tells a beautiful yet realistic story that includes a proposal and a wedding. Naturally, the brand uses these special moments as an opportunity to showcase its elegant diamond rings. 

What makes Forevermark’s four-minute-long love story so appealing is the delicate song that plays throughout the entire commercial. In case you’re not familiar with it, it’s London singer-songwriter Tom Rosenthal’s ‘Go Solo’.

Like his sound? Check out more Tom Rosenthal tracks here at Audio Network.

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chinese ads

In China, everybody is already familiar with the Beijing-based e-commerce company

For this reason, the brand uses its marketing budget to celebrate important dates in the Chinese calendar, such as Qixi Festival (Chinese Valentine’s Day). 

The 2018 Qixi Festival commercial is cutesy, fun and infectious. It encourages viewers to take a moment to smile. uses the Christmassy track ‘Naughty List’ by Bob Bradley, Adam Dennis and Abigail Alton. Surprisingly, the festive hit works perfectly well. 

Click here to watch!

chinese ads

Puma Winter

Across the world, Puma is renowned for attracting offbeat individuals – those who have a wardrobe filled with retro pieces that evoke a too-cool-for-school vibe.

In 2019, the German sportswear label released a Chinese commercial that promoted the brand’s winter collection in a simple yet effective way. 

Downloaded straight from our catalogue, the background music track used in Puma’s 2019 Chinese ad is a hypnotic song that adds an element of mystery. 

Click here to watch!

chinese ads

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