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Advertising is like the world of the movies in micro – you have to create your set-up, your plot or characters, tell your story, reach your resolution and land on your tagline – often all within 30 seconds. It’s no mean feat – and it’s why we love ads so much.

What’s caught our eye recently? Two great campaigns showcasing the best in storytelling, through action, fun, wit and some very big names. Plus, of course, they’re accompanied by the perfect ad soundtracks.


Amazon's profits have absolutely soared recently as online retail has grown more popular. At the end of April 2021, revealed that the company’s earnings release reported it had made more profit in the past 12 months than it had in the previous three years.

For everything from those early days weights ‘n’ yoga mats, to emergency aircon units and paddling pools as temperatures in the UK rose, consumers have turned to Amazon. And with the UK weather being as it is, you’re likely to need either a desk fan or an umbrella (possibly both?) ASAP.

Which is where Amazon Prime comes in – as they say, ‘with one day delivery on thousands of items, Prime changes everything.’ Their new campaign by Joint London centres around this sales promise, illustrating it with a fresh, funny take on the story of Rapunzel, featuring a Black actress.

Does our tower-bound gal need to wait for a prince to climb her abundant tresses in order to rescue her? No, of course not – who has the time to wait for anything these days? She whips out her phone, orders up the longest ladder she can find on Amazon and hightails it out of there the following day.

She’s next seen girl-bossing it down in the village, where the local ladies are loving their brand new hair salon. Soundtracked by Nicki Minaj’s synth-hop track ‘Feeling Myself’, featuring Beyoncé, it’s like a micro-movie version of Disney’s modern, kick-ass heroines.

Another reappraisal of legendary women for Prime features Cleopatra, which was shot in the Mojave desert in 100-plus degrees, 40 mile-an-hour winds and required multiple people to hold down the tents! Egypt’s most powerful woman is inspired to give back by watching Coming to America 2 on her iPad, courtesy of Amazon Prime, because, ‘no-one likes a diva, hun’.

Having ordered a bunch of gifts online for her minions, she then takes off across the desert channelling Mad Max, accompanied by Sniff ‘n’ the Tears new-wave track ‘Driver’s Seat’.

Amazon’s 2020 Super Bowl Alexa ad showed they’re a brand which likes to have fun - check out this year’s ‘Alexa’s Body’ spot, as Briana Price imagines Alexa being ‘housed’ in Michael B. Jordan, which has racked up over 78 million views on YouTube - and you can see why we love their latest campaign.

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Yes, we’ve worked with Amazon! This includes working on multiple episodes of Upload and PANIC - some of our favourite syncs!

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Dubai Tourism

We were immediately hooked by Dubai Tourism’s epic, trailer-style spots, starring Zac Efron and Jessica Alba. The ‘Dubai Presents’ campaign has been created by agency Mother, and features the two as a sparring couple in a series of film genres, each offering a different view of Dubai.

There are six films in total, scheduled to run over the next four months in 27 global markets, and translated into 15 languages. Chris Gallery, a partner at Mother, told, ‘Dubai is a destination like no other. Our challenge was to create a campaign which allowed every aspect of it to shine. There isn’t a single piece of content able to convey everything that Dubai has to offer; our solution, the Dubai Presents platform, is hard-wired to be flexible in showcasing Dubai as the ultimate destination.’

Shot in Dubai, the films showcase locations such as the luxury hotels the Burj Al Arab and Jumeirah Al Naseem, overwater restaurant Pierchic, the Jumeirah district and Hatta, which visitors flock to for its hiking, biking and kayaking.

Directed by Australian Craig Gillespie (I, Tonya and Cruella), the first ad, ‘A Five-star Mission’ looks like a glossy megabudget mash-up of Bond, Bourne, Mr & Mrs Smith and Mission Impossible, as Alba and Efron zoom around as secret agents, unleashing plenty of kick-ass action.

So far, there’s also a Deadpool-esque action-adventure, with the premise that, ‘even superheroes need a holiday’.

Plus, the campaign includes behind the scenes videos, complete with drones, camels and even hawks. 

Overall, it’s glossy, fun, exciting and definitely sells Dubai as an exotic location. We’re in!

Our Travel Syncs

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Whether your campaign uses action or comedy, quirky storytelling or far-flung locations, we have the tracks to match – check out our catalogue and our expertly-chosen playlists now.

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