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Over the years, German sportswear brand adidas has made us laugh, smile and cry with their TV commercials – which feature world-renowned pop stars, rising and stalwart athletes, Hollywood actors and more. 

From the Jonah Hill-led, Your Future is Not Mine commercial to the recently released Impossible is Nothing ad starring Beyoncé, weve curated the best Adidas adverts of all time. And because it’s us, we’ve also shone a spotlight on the music in each and every one. For your convenience, you can find the entire list below. 

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adidas ads

Adidas Impossible Is Nothing Ads

Impossible Is Nothing - Beyoncé (2021)

This year the brand resurrected the Impossible Is Nothing’ slogan and created a campaign featuring the likes of sporting stars Siya Kolisi, Charlyn Corral and Mohamed Salah. Then, for good measure, they threw in… Beyoncé.

This advert highlights the Adidas x Beyoncé Ivy Park collaboration, offers a rare glimpse into the global sensations upbringing and is soundtracked by one of our favourite Beyoncé songs, ‘All Night’. The bluesy, Southern-inspired track (from her 2016 album, Lemonade), adds a seamless narrative backdrop to a selection of home-movie clips. Searching for something similar? Browse and sample the tracks over on our Blues page.

Here Are Some Other Ads From 2021’s Impossible Is Nothing Campaign:

Impossible Is Nothing - Mohamed Salah (2021)

Impossible Is Nothing - Ranveer Singh (2021)

Adidas Ad Campaign

Ready For Sport (2020)

The global pandemic of 2020 made it a tough year for us all, and Adidas read the mood with an uplifting ad that focuses on overcoming challenges and the hope that better days are just around the corner. 

With a stimulating track by by Mapei ft Siya Kolisi, the steady, persistent beat captures the audiences attention and keeps them focused to the end. It reminds viewers of the gamut of emotions we experience watching and playing sports, and reminds us of the thrill of meeting a challenge and the beauty of teamwork.

Visit our Warm/Uplifting page to discover similar tracks in our catalogue of high-quality production music tracks. 

Adidas Originals Ads

Change Is a Team Sport (2020)

One of our favourite adidas ads of all time is 2020Change is a Team Sport. Created to show the brands quintessential Superstar silhouette a little love, it flaunts an awesome squad: Jonah Hill, Blondey, Jackson Wang, Yara Shahidi and Nigo.

The music that accompanies the Wes Anderson-esque visuals is LiberaceLove is Blue, an upbeat and light-hearted piano-led track. It works perfectly for an ad thats brimming with identifiable characters and positive messages.

Head over to our Piano page to find a piano-led track for your next project.

Your Future is Not Mine (2016)

In 2016, Adidas Originals released a powerful commercial titled Your Future is Not Mine, which carried an important message for the younger demographic: creating the future is in your hands.

Millennials and Gen-Zs stride purposefully through dystopian, present-day scenes towards a brighter future, to the beat of Daisy Hamel-Buffa’s sterling song.

The original track was created for adidas by the Daisy frontwoman, and features an addictive, marching beat that connotes a sense of togetherness.

Explore our Bright Futures album, filled with ambient soundscapes from the likes of Joe Henson and Alexis Smith.

90s David Beckham Adidas Ad

David Beckham (1998)

Back in the late 90s, David Beckham was the sporting man of the moment – the most famous element of the legendary Manchester United that gained treble glory in 1999.

Adidas released an ad that captured his journey from childhood to becoming a professional footballer, somehow managing to cram his life story into a super-digestible 30 seconds. 

As the audience discovers a little more about Beckham, the Happy Mondays infectious hit ‘Step On’ plays. The brand scores an effortless double: only does the track brilliantly set the ads flow, it also defines the spirit of Beckhams golden era. 

Listen to our array of 90s-inspired tracks by visiting our 1990s playlist.

Adidas Predator Ad

Predator is Back (2018)

French footballer Paul Pogba was the face of the 2018 Predator is Back campaign, which celebrated the return of the feted footwear line.

In the ad, Pogba possesses almost supernatural abilities that help him glide through challenges with ease (and cause a little chaos). Judging by his gameplay recently, we wouldnt be surprised to discover the football player possesses these magical abilities IRL.

The song that accompanies the ad – ScreaminJay Hawkins’ I Put a Spell on You – is eerie and bewitching. In fact, its largely thought of as a Halloween track – a very unusual choice for a football ad. 

Have a listen to our seven-track Magic & Mystery album if youre interested in finding a similar song for your next production. 

adidas predator shoes

Adidas Soccer Ad

Take the Deal, Dare to Create (2019)

To promote their soccer subsidiary brand (Adidas Football), the German corporation produced a neon-lit ad starring some of the most feted football players on the planet.

It made a huge impact thanks to the unique gothic-meets-sci-fi feel of its high-octane audio and visuals.

As everything from a pink hurricane to a skeleton hand appears, an eerie, robotic music track plays in the background. Created with pounding drums, screeching strings and brooding horns, the track plays on the idea that the wearer earns the right to wear the boots by making a pact with the brand…

Fancy something similar for your project? Browse and sample our Science Fiction playlist.

Vintage Adidas Ad

Torsion (1989)

In 1989, Adidas released the Torsion sneaker. To flaunt the technology, the brand dropped a melodramatic commercial featuring Day-Glo hues and equally bright, bold words of affirmation. Could things get any more 80s?

This vintage sneaker commercial is accompanied by a sensational production track that blends electronic synth sounds with strings and manipulated choral vocals. TBH, it wouldnt sound out of place in a big Hollywood blockbuster.

Looking for something along these lines for your production? We suggest you make your way over to our Ambient 80s Soundtrack.

Pharrell Adidas Ad

Supercolor (2015)

Theres nothing Adidas loves more than a high-profile collaboration. Exhibit A: the Supercolor Pharrell x Adidas campaign.

The campaign is about the power of individuality – a message that ties neatly into the fact that the shoes are available in in fifty different colours…

The soundtrack is an orchestral piece that gradually builds in dynamism and says everything the brand needs to say – without words. 

Discover eight similar tracks in our Positive Orchestral album

Adidas Star Wars Ad

Celebrate Originality (2010)

Every fours years the World Cup rolls around, and the biggest global sporting brands clamour to put on the very grandest of displays.

For the 2010 World Cup, Adidas was inspired by one of the biggest film franchises in film history: Star Wars

We cut to the famous cantina bar scene from the very first Star Wars film, where stars such as David Beckham, Daft Punk and Snoop Dogg are integrated into the famous fracas – all dressed in the latest Adidas gear, of course.

Fortunately for nerds like us, adidas secured the rights to ‘Cantina Band’ – the jazzy Star Wars song that makes us nostalgic for our childhoods every time we hear it…

If youre a fan of the genre, we recommend you take a look at our Discover Jazz, which is brimming with smoky rhythms and rocking riffs. 

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