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We Brits have many options when it comes to supermarkets; thus, marketing is of paramount importance to every UK-based grocery chain.

The hardest-working retailer? Its a close call, but we have to give the crown to Tesco.

Its almost impossible to go a day without seeing its conspicuous red and blue logo, especially if your daily routine involves some television time

Yes, Tesco loves a TV ad – and it's constantly finding new and imaginative ways to use its air time to inform viewers about its latest deals and Clubcard benefits.

From time travel to the Spice Girls, to claymation character Morph, its safe to say the brand thinks outside the box when it comes to creating stories to attract shoppers.

Plus, its evident that the company know a thing or two about music, as every one of its ads is uplifted by an enticing background music track.

In fact, some compositions are so impressive that they remind us of the songs featured in our own world-renowned music catalogue.

Eager to watch some Tesco ads for yourself? Below, you can find the most memorable (and, arguably, best) Tesco adverts to make it to our screens. 

The Most Memorable Tesco Adverts

  • Tesco advert 2022
  • Tesco Christmas advert 2021
  • Tesco advert 2021
  • Tesco advert 2020
  • Tesco Christmas advert 2019
  • Tesco advert 2019
  • Tesco advert 2018
  • Tesco clothes advert 
  • Tesco Clubcard advert
  • Tesco mobile advert
  • Controversial Tesco advert
  • Prunella Scales Tesco advert
  • Spice Girls Tesco advert

Tesco Advert 2022 - 'Tesco Finest Dinner for Two'

This 2022 Tesco ad – released just before Valentine's Day – pivots around a daughter prepping her father for a big night in with his date.

Once she discovers her dad's plans of ordering a takeaway, she forces him out of the door and into Tesco. Here he picks up a Tesco Finest dinner for two deal. 

To reflect the cheerful spirit of the ad – especially the interaction between the two main characters – Tesco opted for a happy, uplifting background track.

Tesco Christmas Advert 2021 - 'This Christmas, Nothing's Stopping Us'

Christmas 2020 was miserable for many Brits as COVID restrictions were tight; thus, the nation was eager to make Christmas 2021 the best one yet.

To celebrate this shared determination, Tesco created an ad showing everyday people doing everything in their power to make their festive period special.

Queens Dont Stop Me Now' was used in Tesco's 2021 Christmas ad. Needless to say, the ’70s pop-rock hit is a perfect song choice for an ad that's jam-packed with tenacious individuals determined to be having such a good time. 

Tesco Advert 2021 - 'Tesco Supermarket SweepThe Life of Rylan'

In this 2021 Tesco commercial, Rylan Clark – modern-day presenter of ITV game show Supermarket Sweep – takes it upon himself to become the manager of a sizable Tesco store.

As he parades around the store making executive decisions, the confused, albeit unoffended, staff allow him to live out his fantasy.

As Tesco eschews music for this particular ad, they rely on dialogue, diegetic music and sound effects to create a vibe that’s inspired by The Office.

Tesco Advert 2020 - 'Tesco Clubcard, The Power to Lower Prices'

This iconic Tesco ad released just two years ago follows a woman who discovers the magic of a Tesco Clubcard for the very first time.

After she zaps products with her seemingly magical Clubcard, prices suddenly lower; naturally, shes delighted to find she possesses such powers.

Speaking of power, Tesco opted for Snap! song Ive Got the Powerto emphasise the wizardry theme of the commercial. 

Tesco Christmas Advert 2019 - 'Delivering Christmas'

To lift spirits just in time for the 2019 festive period, Tesco aired a fun-filled commercial that follows one of the brands delivery drivers as he travels back in time on Christmas Eve.

Instead of panicking, the happy-go-lucky worker spreads cheer by gifting those around him with festive treats. Fortunately, he makes it back home in time for the big day.

Sleigh Ride by The Ronettes soundtracks this particular Tesco commercial.

Personally, we dont think we could think of a more fitting choice of song if we tried, as, like the ad, the track is Christmassy, upbeat and transports the viewer back in time too.

Tesco Advert 2019 

In 2019, Tesco celebrated its 100th anniversary by teleporting various decade-defining characters to a present-time Tesco store.

Whilst watching the summer ’19 commercial, keep your eye out for a 60s hippy van, two very familiar ’70s claymation characters, and an overenthusiastic ’80s fitness video instructor. 

Tescos 100th-anniversary ad would be nothing without instantly-recognisable disco hit September by Earth, Wind and Fire. Can anyone resist this feel-good anthem? 

Tesco Advert 2018 - 'Spookermarket'

In 2018, Tesco celebrated the spooky season by playing tricks on shoppers and catching their reactions on camera.

As you may have guessed, the supermarket chain made an ad out of the footage. Officially titled Spookermarket, the commercial reminds viewers that Halloween can be just as fun for adults as it is for kids.

The music used in Tescos Spookermarketad is redolent of Disneys The Haunted Mansion’ (both the ride and the 2003 film). Its strange, uncanny and oddly jolly. 

Tesco Clothes Advert 

Tescos F&F summer 2019 ad may be super short, but, seemingly, it only takes ten seconds for an ad to make an impact, as this fashion-focused commercial lives in our minds, rent-free.

What happens? A modelesque woman wearing a fresh F&F outfit struts her stuff whilst taking the bins out. Yes, that really is it.

Richard Wagners classical masterpiece Ride of the Valkyriesadds a hefty dose of drama to a commercial that revolves around one of the most mundane chores in existence. Of course, its all in the name of comedy.

Tesco Clubcard Advert

This Tesco Clubcard ad is just one in a series of commercials led by esteemed actors Ruth Jones and Ben Miller, in which the two portray average British parents.

In this particular chapter, the comedy duo use their Clubcard points to fuel a fun family day out to the Science Museum. 

The most important element of this commercial is the narration, which provides details about spending Clubcard points on family excursions.

To ensure viewers absorb the information, the supermarket chain avoids using music in this ad. 

Tesco Mobile Advert - 'Smile, You're On Tesco'

This 2016 Tesco ad reminds audiences that although we all fool ourselves into thinking that a summer vacation is nothing but sunshine and smiles, holidays can be immensely stressful experiences.

Enter Tesco Mobile, a phone provider that enhances your get-away by allowing you to use your phone abroad, in the same way youd use it at home, at no extra cost. 

Nat King Coles Smile adds a little touch of soul to this ad and is a fitting choice, as Tesco Mobile is giving holidaymakers something to smile about.

Controversial Tesco Advert - 'Carl's 'All Change' Casserole'

Veganism should not be a controversial practice (its literally concerned with saving the planet), yet year after year the way of living makes major headlines.

For instance, in January 2021, Tesco released this Vegan-focused ad – one that pivots around a father cooking a vegan meal for his daughter – which made the news after it came to light British farmers had major beef with the commercial (pun intended).

Their issue? Essentially, the farmers criticised the ad for demonising the meat industry.

A folky, pastoral music track plays into the idea that Veganism connects us to the natural world and, in turn, our planet.

Prunella Scales Tesco Advert

During the late ’90s and early ’00s, the best Tesco ads starred Fawlty Towers actress Prunella Scales as a warm yet pompous mother who unintentionally creates chaos in her local Tesco store.

In this specific commercial, Scales' character is under the impression that everyone in the store is assisting her because they’re after a promotion.

The only music used within this ad is the sunny jingle that plays at the very end of the commercial. The jingle may only last a second or two, but it successfully pushes the notion that Tesco is a welcoming supermarket.

Spice Girls Tesco Advert

In 2007, Tesco managed to bring the Spice Girls together – yes, even Posh! – for its Christmas commercial.

In the ad, all five members separately, and unbeknownst to each other, visit the same Tesco store to buy the rest of the girls some Christmas presents.

Theres nothing serious about this ad – even Scary Spice is in on the joke, and she can be, for want of a better word, scary. Aptly, the ad is soundtracked by a quirky, silly production composition.

Music For Advertising

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