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Even if you never visited before, youve almost certainly heard of the brand. And what you probably already know is that its a UK-based price comparison company that provides insight into the best deals in insurance services.

But how – you may be wondering – did the brand become so famous? Two words: memorable advertising.

Essentially, Confused.coms strategy focuses on grabbing the attention of viewers in fun and imaginative ways instead of trying to bombard them with information.

These types of ads work well for the company as its only every so often that one considers purchasing insurance. Thus, its unproductive to advertise deals to people who are not looking to use Confused.coms comparison services in the near future.

The real aim is to ensure the brand is at the forefront of a viewers mind when the time comes for them to explore insurance deals.

Below, we explore the very best ads released by – from James Corden’s ad to Timothy Murphy’s ad – looking especially at how music ties each production together. 

The Best Adverts

  • New advert
  • advert 2021
  • advert 2020
  • advert 2019
  • Timothy Murphy advert (2019)
  • advert 2018
  • Old advert (2002)
  • Robot advert (2014)
  • Chain Reaction advert (2011)
  • Duet advert (2012)
  • James Corden advert (2016)

New Advert

Confused.coms latest ad made by London-based agency Karmamara looks inside the chaotic, destructed mind of an average Joe called John.

Here, John stumbles upon an oracle of sorts who provides him with the answer to a question.

After being enlightened by the mysterious figure, John states that hes no longer confused, hes

To keep viewers guessing, a blue Mercedes appears out of nowhere (redolent of the blue Merc Timothy Murphy drives in his ads), and so does a yellow suit-clad guitarist who plays a flaming guitar. Pretty random overall.

The haunting, atmospheric soundtrack to this ad plays into the apocalyptic vibe of the setting. Plus, it connotes that theres something spiritual about the oracle character. Advert 2021

Theres a soap-opera-on-steroids vibe about Confused.coms 2021 advert Wave‘ – striking classical music and cinematic shots meet relatable characters and an archetypal British neighbourhood.

In the ad, drama is found within the everyday awkward situation of thinking that someone is waving at you when, in fact, theyre waving at the person behind you. 

Classical music is used within this ad to make things more theatrical. It’s definitely a good way of commanding an audiences attention. Advert 2020

Set in the same world as the 2021 advert, the 2020 commercial is centred on the over-exaggeration of another everyday occurrence.

This time, we see two suburbanites attempting to get past the other. This world is full of little confusions, but Im not confused. Im,” says the narrator. Mic drop. 

Once again, lively classical music keeps viewers interested in an otherwise mundane situation, highlighting the power of a good soundtrack. Advert 2019

Sons of Anarchy star Timothy V. Murphy adds a little bad boy attitude to Confused.coms 2019 advert that introduces Rewards.

The actor encourages the viewer to see the world more clearly by using Confused.coms services and claiming tempting rewards such as vouchers for Halfords and Domino’s. (N.B. This is the ad featuring the blue Merc that we mentioned previously.)

The music used in the 2019 ad has a Southern twang that complements the rural setting of the ad and the idea that can help people see things more clearly

Timothy Murphy Advert (2019)

The previous ad isnt the only one to star Timothy Murphy – he adds a little Irish swagger to a handful of ads, including one entitled The Year of Confusion.

Within this ad – a commercial filled with puppets, ballot papers, bins and more – Murphy invites the viewers to ride with him in his Mercedes past all of the confusion.

This ad features an instrumental version of God Save the Queen. The use of this track connotes that all modern-day Britons are confused during this tumultuous time. Well, the assumptions not wrong. Advert 2018

We promise this is the final Timothy Murphy ad on our list (not that youre complaining - hes compelling!).

Set in a busy metropolis, the ad aims to reassure the viewer that its normal to feel confused as the world outside is a very overwhelming place – theres too much choice, a lot of nonsense media and millions of bewildering deals. The answer?, of course.

The jazzy music immerses the viewer into the busy world Murphy finds himself driving through. The driving beat of the track amplifies the busy feel of the commercial. 

Old Advert (2002)

This early ad established the brands tone – it let the nation know that the platform is ideal for ordinary citizens looking to make the right decision on a car insurance deal.

It also introduced the brands cartoon logo and informed viewers that the platform covers 92% of car insurers on the net.

Music would have taken this advert to the next level but, unfortunately, no background track was used.

Personally, we wouldve gone for something upbeat to give the then-new brand an air of warmth and friendliness often lacking in the insurance industry. Robot Advert (2014)

The robot ad from 2014 is unforgettable, chiefly because Brian the robot is so damn cute.

In the ad, Brian spots a family (one he notices could save money on departing from their textbook British neighbourhood to their staycation destination.

Determined to help them, Brian travels across the country to find them – finally, he locates them in a seaside town and proceeds to inform them that he could save them £230 on their car insurance. Now thats what we call dedication.

Brians retro look is paired with a pop, electronic background music track to give the ad an 80s adventure film vibe. Chain Reaction Advert (2011)

Were not going to beat around the bush, Confused.coms Chain Reaction’ ad is our favourite ad of all time (and no, its not sad to have a favourite!)

It has everything you could possibly want from an advert: loveable characters, a familiar soundtrack and cheerful colours included.

It truly is the ad that made us care about the brand. Check it out for yourself, especially if youre looking for something thatll put a smile on your face.

This musical ad has Diana Ross' Bee Gees-penned pop anthem Chain Reaction’ at its core. Its just the thing to make a viewers day. Duet Advert (2012) quickly realised that the whole animated musical ad thing was pretty effective.

Of course, by effective we mean it had everyone talking about the brand. So, naturally, they made a sequel. How did they step things up? With a duet, of course.

For the duet ad, took Village Peoples disco hit YMCA’ and made it their own. Basically, they rewrote the lyrics to provide viewers with information about the company in a playful way. James Corden Advert (2016)

There are a few ads featuring James Corden, but our favourite is ‘Winning Streak’ ad.

In the commercial, Corden plays a driver who picks up his friend from the station and proceeds to make his way through the notoriously busy city of London with ease.

In fact, the journey is so stress-free, the viewer begins to wonder whether the driver possesses magical abilities.

Glam rock megahit Get It On’ by T. Rex keeps this ad flowing. Plus, it gives the city of London a punky feel which, ultimately, makes for a more interesting advertisement. 

Music Makes A Difference!

Its no coincidence that music is an essential ingredient in all of the most successful adverts.

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