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The toughest part about learning to edit using a software package like Adobe Premiere Pro is choosing the best place to start.

Of course, the obvious choice would be to wade straight into the documentation, but for many people this might not be ideal. It's true what they say: most of what you'll ever learn in post-production you'll learn on the job, like making transitions or cutting the video's and audio well. Or to put that another way, it's often a lot simpler to pick up a skill, such as editing, by having an expert show you the ropes.

1. The Premiere Pro interface

A quick primer directly from the Adobe website, to familiarise yourself with the basics. Be sure to check out their entire library here – it's very comprehensive!

2. Learn Adobe Premiere Pro in 20 minutes

While this tutorial is perfect for time-poor beginners, I'd also recommend it for existing editors making the jump from another software package. You'll eventually need more depth, but this is a perfect introduction for your next coffee break.

3. 26 simple tricks for faster editing

So you think you're pretty good in Premiere Pro already, but could always do with a few new tricks? This video should definitely not be missed, covering a large range of nifty tips to supercharge your workflow.

4. Invisible split screen tutorial

One of my personal favourites, explaining how to seamlessly combine two different takes within the one shot (as regularly employed by director David Fincher).

5. How to create a green screen key

You've no doubt seen visual effects wizards using green screens to combine different foreground and background footage before. This video is a great introduction to easily doing so within Premiere Pro.

6. Improve audio with dynamic link to Audition

If you're serious about getting the most out of your audio workflow, it's hard to look past Adobe's own direct integration between Premiere Pro and its sister audio app, Audition.

7. Using SpeedLooks in Premiere Pro

A fairly recent addition to the Lumetri Color panel, be sure not to miss the awesome convenience of SpeedLooks. Apply preset colour looks (various film stocks, styles) with a simple click. As easy as applying an Instagram filter.

8. How to create rolling credits

Once your masterpiece is nearly ready to release, dive straight into this in-depth tutorial covering how to create professional-looking scrolling credits for your end-crawl.

9. Publishing to YouTube / Vimeo with Media Encoder

What's the point of having spent all that time tweaking your work if nobody gets to see it? This tutorial goes through the basics of how to get your work encoded and uploaded onto your online video platform of choice.

10. Advanced editing theories and techniques

If you've cut your first few shorts or YouTube clips but now want to get even more serious about the craft of editing itself, then this video is for you. While still something of a basic introduction to advanced techniques, this hour-long tutorial will give you some idea of how deep the editing rabbit-hole goes...

Work smarter by seamlessly auditioning music
without leaving Premiere Pro with the Audio Network Plug In.

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