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31 Oct 2018

From heavy rock to elegant orchestral

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classical guitar

Classical Guitar

As a composer, performer and session guitarist for musical legends like Marianne Faithfull and Sting, Mark Johns’ prolific talents are a triple threat.

In amongst touring and his compositions appearing on the big screen, Johns’ latest album release hones a stunning collection of classical guitar tracks which transcend from reflective and peaceful to evocative and lively – all in his signature style.

get electrified

Get Electrified

Starting his career in Long Beach as part of prominent 90s underground hip hop group, Ugly Duckling, producer, arranger and MC, Andy Cooper, has been carving his own groove ever since.

Get Electrified is bursting with big sounds, funk and gritty riffs across a mix of up-tempo and laid-back tunes.

tchaikovsky collection

Tchaikovsky Collection

Powerhouse composers and arrangers David Tobin and Jeff Meegan come together to produce this stunning collection of Tchaikovsky works.

Featuring dynamic full orchestral arrangements from Swan Lake and The Nutcracker, arrangements are reborn with magical elegance, passion, and graceful lifts.


Crushing The Opposition

Having toured with The Rolling Stones, Pixies and Red Hot Chili Peppers, singer-songwriter, Johnny Lloyd knows rock and roll.

He teams up with Nathan Coen to deliver this blistering collection of indie, grunge and super-hard rock. Explosive vocals and driving grooves showcase a full spectrum of rock tracks.

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Poignant, atmospheric and menacing to classic Spaghetti Western themes feature alongside laid-back Southern blues, country, and acoustic songs. Distant vocals and synths complete this essential new collection of guitar focused sounds.

Quirky Dramedy 2

An eclectic ten tracks of dramedy; mysterious and inquisitive arrangements with strings, woodwind and glockenspiel feature. Accompanied by cheerful, jaunty acapella choir and playful up-tempo moments.

Sunny Indie Reggae

A feel-good collection of indie reggae with deep bass, tight beats, dubby rhythms and cool male and female vocals. 80s ska, pop, and moody reggae tunes too.


Orchestral, vibrant and dramatic strings meet with bewitching oboe and Spanish guitar across this romantic and uplifting album. Slinky Latin American bongos also feature.


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