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29 May 2018

From contemporary metalcore to mysterious orchestrals.

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Paris born, L.A based composer Jerome Leroy releases his debut Audio Network album of moody yet intermittently optimistic orchestral themes. Recorded at Abbey Road studios, the album features hypnotic piano melodies, woodwind, strings, and masterful electronics inspired by the art of pointillism.

your cover is blown
Your Cover Is Blown

Dramatic hybrid orchestra with brooding builds, tense bridges and boiling climaxes from US composer Alex Kovacs. Celestial textures set a theme of mystery whilst urgent strings, ghostly piano and tuned percussion create unsettling thematic action.

ollie route

Making his debut to the Audio Network catalogue, NowNextFuture artist Ollie Route brings us this album of powerful contemporary metalcore with thick guitar layers, progressive rhythms and epic choruses.

soundtrack from
Soundtrack From Electric Black

The legendary James Taylor recorded this album on vintage gear in Abbey Road Studio 2. The album features funk and psychedelic grooves with thrilling crime influences. Punchy guitar and frantic brass flow atop drums and party orchestration for a strong retro vibe.

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Orchestral Landscapes

Vibrant and varied orchestral themes with stirring melodies, emotional climaxes & playful respite.

Rhythmic Strings

A collection of string dominant themes with a focus on rhythm and pulse.

A Smile In The Shadows

Laid back swing jazz with 60s vibes and quirky playful moods.

Light In Water

A collection of piano and string themes with varied moods and influences.


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