25 Nov 2019

Hip hop, hypnotic intrigue, superheroes save the world and New York jazz 

Featured albums

close up blurred image of bodies in saturated colour martin felix kaczmarski alex arcoleo


Cool, lo-fi electro and laid-back hip hop beats with uplifting synths and vocal FX.

overgrown garden within church walls big satellite radar decay pete davis

Radar Decay

Hypnotic, mysterious synths, ethereal textures, deep bass pulses and sinister guitar create intrigue.


new york jazz cafe harry the piano illustrated figures playing saxophone and trumpet over colllaged background of warm colours

New York Jazz Cafe

New York’s café culture: a bustling jazz quartet, slinky sax motifs and cocktail piano. 

 bright blue sky white typography reading where's my hero superhero rising above skyline noah sorota in blue

Where's My Hero

Superheroes prepare to save the world, with menacing brass and strings, heroic horns and epic climaxes.

More music

Anthemic Hip Hop

A variety of hip hop beats, from powerful and confident with catchy sax hooks and heavy bass to dancehall-inspired featuring synths and melodic bells. Smooth R&B instrumentals and minimal, laid-back beats featuring 808 and piano makes for a chilled-out mood. 

Mississippi Jug Band

From a funky New Orleans street stomp with heavy marching brass or a perky ragtime march, to lazy Southern jazz blues, the jug band features clarinet, dobro, fiddle, slide guitars and harmonica, full of cheeky swing and sway.  

Hypnotic State

Dark, driving and tense techno with hypnotic synths, pounding beats, dreamy textures and breakdowns and vocal melodies.


EDM from high-energy to emotive and chilled, including pulsing synths, 90s-style piano riff, funky bass lines and heavy kick drum.


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