24 Aug 2020

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audio network new music baladi

Baladi Nights

Upbeat Middle Eastern fusion with oud, sprightly strings, playful kaval flute, wistful duduk, guitar, piano and energetic ethnic percussion


funky moustache audio network new music

Funky Moustache

Get funky with light samba, smooth bossa nova with cheesy Hammond organ and relaxed saxophone.

 audio network new music release home


Contemporary country pop with uplifting and reflective female vocals, catchy choruses, electric, acoustic and slide guitar, banjo and twinkling piano.

down in New Orleans new music audio network

Down In New Orleans

Quintessential New Orleans trad jazz/jazz blues, from laid-back to feel-good grooves, with female and male vocals.

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Delicate Emotions

Light, bright and reflective piano are joined by emotional cello themes ranging from wistful to nostalgic and sorrowful to uplifting.

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tropical colombia
No Quarter Given
hits and heartbreaks
a rush of blood new music audio network
follow the clue audio network new album

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