23 Sep 2019


Musical tales from the beginning of time.

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Mythos Suite

The Mythos Suite

The Mythos Collection is a unique project, with Audio Network bringing together Stephen Fry’s storytelling talents with Debbie Wiseman OBE’s celebrated skills as a composer. The music, composed by Debbie, was inspired by Stephen Fry’s work Mythos, an international bestseller that re-tells the Greek myths, and developed with him. This 5-track suite of long-form compositions showcases musical tales from the beginning of time (Chaos), together with those of Apollo and Marsyas, Persephone, Rhea and Sisyphus, performed by the National Symphony Orchestra.

The other three Mythos albums, Mythical Lands, Ancient Dangers and Historic Panoramas are reworked and edited versions of the main suite, designed to be used across a variety of productions.

A blue background with Mythological characers

Mythos: Mythical Lands

The music on the three additional Mythos albums brings a sense of epic drama to any production. Mythical Lands conjures up visions of the Underworld and the Aegean Sea, together with epic voyages and quests over land and sea.

A red background with mythological characters overlaid

Mythos: Ancient Dangers

Drama and danger are ramped up, as the symphony orchestra explores the realm of Hades, and the threat of Vengeful Gods. An ominous feeling accompanies the Task of Hercules and the tireless toil of the Sisyphean Task.

A green background with myhtological figures

Mythos: Historic Panoramas

A more gentle, reflective orchestral mood, bringing in flowing harp, undulating woodwind melody and slow, mournful violins, Historic Panoramas is full of enigmatic moods that reflect the stories of Hera, Atlantis, Eurydice and Demeter.


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