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23 Apr 2019

Our new collections – from majestic to marching and waltzes to the zoo

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A white stone sculpture breaking apart

Grand, Majestic

For big, emotional impact, the grand, stately 2nd movement of Beethoven’s 7th Symphony sits alongside the dramatic power of Dvořák's New World Symphony.

Lushly romantic, Tchaikovsky’s Romeo and Juliet theme joins with a fiery Slavonic Dance and the grand orchestral march of Bizet’s Farandole.

A white stone sculpture with silver fabric wrapped around the face

Reflective, Sad

Feelings of grief and tragedy are brought to the fore as the stirring orchestral themes from Peer Gynt are joined by Mozart’s lyrical clarinet Adagio and the emotional strings of Mahler’s 5th Symphony.

A peaceful orchestral reimagining of Beethoven’s Moonlight piano solo partners Grieg’s solemn, orchestral Ase’s Lament.

A variety of exotic animal stone sculptures standing on top of each other in a pyramid shape

Carnival Of The Animals

Saint-Saëns’ whimsical ‘grand zoological fantasy’, written in 1886, features everything from the Lions’ prowling orchestral themes to Kangaroo piano pounces and the Aviary’s fluttering flute runs.

A string quartet make asses of themselves as Donkeys, whilst xylophones and flutes evoke Fossils. The composer refused to allow the work, other than ‘The Swan’, to be performed in his lifetime, as he thought the work detracted from his ‘serious’ image, but it has become a classical music favourite for many.

A white stone bust with yellow, blue and green paint stripes

Marches and Waltzes

Joy and grace join hands as the Rondo from Mozart’s Horn Concerto dances with the spirited Viennese Waltz opening to Strauss’s Die Fledermaus and the celebratory Radetzky March.

The Skaters’ Waltz is a serene, grandly elegant orchestral arrangement, whilst Suppé’s Light Cavalry is cantering and boisterous.

A white stone sculpture with a mix of white and green flowers sprouting from the head


Scenic and calm, Debussy’s iconic Clair de Lune for piano pairs with a gentle orchestral arrangement of Chopin’s Nocturne waltz.

Bach’s stately Brandenburg Four from the 4th Brandenburg Concerto sits alongside the gentle arrangement for cello, strings and piano of Massenet’s intermezzo from the opera Thais.


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