22 Oct 2019

Upbeat electro pop, swinging big band and festive indie pop

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Feeling Motion

Robbie Redway’s influences range from 70s soul to 80s electronica and contemporary house, and his music has been compared to Caribou, LCD Soundsystem and Bob Moses. Feeling Motion is electro pop with shimmering guitars and synth hooks and is also the perfect showcase for Robbie’s wistful, laid-back vocals and catchy choruses.

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It's Christmas Time

Remember Summer, aka Paddy Conn and Angelina Dove, have created the feel-good EP for the holidays: a smorgasbord of festive indie pop, combining sleigh bells and guitars with Angelina’s gorgeous vocals, serving up feel-good choruses to send you on your merry way.


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Turn Up The Swing

Colin Sheen has played in everything from classical orchestras to big bands, and with artists including Paul McCartney, Pavarotti, Barbra Streisand and George Solti. He has written music for film and TV, and has performed on film soundtracks including Bond, Harry Potter, Atonement and The Girl with a Pearl Earring. Turn up the Swing features big band from laid-back jazz to high energy with blistering brass, sizzling solos and drum fills.

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Running Time

Specialising in hip hop, R&B and electronic, Kelly Mac is an expert at creating tracks for high-profile commercial campaigns. Kelly has also worked alongside Grammy-winning producer LuneyTunez and produced singers from MTV's Making the Band, The Voice and X Factor. Running Time establishes Kelly Mac as a true powerhouse: the album features everything from dubstep to bouncy house, hybrid Latin hip hop to high-energy

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Modern Folk Pop

Pop that moves from dark and moody with atmospheric textures, to romantic and chilled, with laid-back male vocal, string builds and light synths.

See Things Differently

Driving electro indie with rousing male vocals, gritty guitar and big drums gives way to alt-pop featuring effortless female vocals, dreamy synths and lo-fi drums.

Endeavour 2

Imposing, awe-inspiring orchestral themes, with epic brass, sweeping and menacing strings and ostinati, creating tension and building to dramatic endings. 

Introspective Synthesizers

Synthesizer moods ranging from uplifting, with heavenly pads and textures, through optimistic, reflective and dreamy, featuring evolving synth arpeggios, to brooding and downbeat textures.


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