21 Sep 2021

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Composer and synth-enthusiast Richard Lacy already has four decades’ worth of musical experience, and this latest collection implies that his future’s every bit as bright. 

Open Mind

Pensive, soothing, ethereal: just some of the descriptors deserved by this latest collection from composer David O'Brien and A-list percussionist Paul Clarvis (Leonard Bernstein, Paul McCartney, Elton John). 

Deep Diamonds

Deep Diamonds moves between the unnerving and the ethereal, the ominous and the ambient, drawing on a largely electronic palette of moody synths, subterranean bass and distorted electronic beats, while adding acoustic touches including enigmatic glockenspiel and plucked harps. 

Immersive Stories

Composer and multi-instrumentalist Sue Verran has always seen herself as a storyteller first and foremost, so the title of her latest collection for Audio Network makes perfect sense. 

In Search Of Sunrise

With millions of albums sales and 30 mix compilations to his name, what John 00 Fleming doesn’t know about electronic music by this point probably isn’t worth troubling yourself with. 

Baker's Walk

Acid jazz pioneer James Taylor has always been proud to wear his influences on his sleeve, nodding to the likes of John Barry and Lalo Schifrin with his brilliantly retro-leaning compositions.

Golden Age of Hollywood

Immerse yourself in the magic of the silver screen, with this evocative set by musical director David Tobin and acclaimed composer Jeff Meegan. 

A Really Long Day

Courtesy of Miles Gilderdale, Dan Mizen and the late Frank Mizen, A Really Long Day is as concise a compendium of traditional country music as you’ll find, covering everything from sleepy bluegrass to old-time skiffle packed with barn-dancing banjos, guitars, fiddles, washboard, whistles and stomps.

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