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21 Nov 2017

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Ambient electro pop with quirky synth toplines and uplifting female vocals coated in subtle textural FX, punctuated by driving drum grooves and heavy basslines.

Time Vol II
Time Vol 2

Moody atmospheres and sinister synth textures pulse and flow between uneasy builds and drone swells with an eerie ticking clock rhythmic focus.

Wakadoodles: Synths & Alt Guitars

Hyperactive, manic instrumental themes with vocal moments. Bit-crushed synths stutter alongside bouncy basslines and quirky guitar leads into sugar-highs.

Adventure's out there
Adventure's Out There

Spirited orchestral themes with energetic instrumentation and heaps of melodic wonder. Brooding opening sequences playfully build into dramatic passages and majestic climaxes

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Luxurious Lifestyle

Laid back and versatile instrumentals with hooky melodies, warm driving bass and moody drum grooves


Varied and uplifting marimba themes with a neutral feel, combining clean synths tones with glitching beats


Driving electro pop with uplifting analogue synths. 80s-influenced sci-fi soundscapes swirl alongside drum grooves, retro keys and lead guitars

Brooding Female Pop

Brooding electro pop with bold female vocals. Powerful underscores combine with dramatic beats, dark synths and reflective guitars

Heart of Southern India

Enchanting Indian themes with native vocal toplines and haunting chants arranged alongside lively violin, tanpura drones and tabla drumming

Indie Anthems

Uplifting indie rock tracks with anthemic rock leads and catchy vocal hooks, choppy guitars and driving drums


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