20 Jan 2020

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vintage soul sessions gareth johnson brown back orange lp 60s influenced lettering

Vintage Soul Sessions

Gareth has worked variously as a producer, mixer, player or co-writer with artists including The Who, Noel Gallagher, Ed Sheeran, Kasabian, Paul Weller, Penguin Café Orchestra and Paul McCartney. The multi-instrumentalist straddles every musical genre, from indie rock and hip hop to full orchestral scores with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. Vintage Soul showcases a variety of retro soul and funk.

daydreamer paddy conn clouds in the sky and larks flying in the horizon


Musician and composer Paddy Conn plays bass in London-based band Swimming Tapes. Influenced by Brian Eno, Van Morrison, and The Beatles, Paddy’s new album, Daydreamer, features everything from feel-good indie pop to anthemic pop rock with inspiring male vocals..


elidi new releases audio network alternative afrobeat


Elidi is a collaborative project spearheaded by North Londoners Luke Mullen (keyboards), Jess Keegan (saxophone) and Todd Speakman (drums and percussion). The album’s layered keyboard and piano grooves, syncopated percussion and wild saxophone melodies draws inspiration from West African music, Jazz, bossa and Dub, creating its own identity. 

nnf matt goodman kate rawlings sinderella new releases audio network


Powerhouse producer Matt Goodman, who’s worked with everyone from Wiley to Justin Timberlake, brings easy R&B grooves with soulful female pop vocals from rising star Kate Rawlings and hip-hop breakbeats on Sinderella, whose tracks are guaranteed to get you moving.

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Pizzicato Parodies

Quirky, fun pizzicato strings have a light, frothy workout with twinkling percussion, woodwind for a balletic piece, classic ragtime jaunts, cheeky swing and a magical waltz.

Asian Risers

A variety of risers, from tense and exciting to dark, dramatic hybrids featuring Asian percussion, traditional woodwind, melodic string instruments, erhu, flutes and drone.


Late night muted trumpet, and stealthy swing with sax and piano make way for fun, up-tempo jazz with cool piano riffs and a swinging rhythm section 



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