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16 Apr 2018

From bouncy dancehall to otherworldly orchestra

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Wonders of Space
Wonders of Space

Joachim Horsley returns with a fleet of extra-terrestrial orchestral exploits with awe inspiring sweeping strings, majestic brass climaxes and driving percussion counter-pointed by celestial pads and mysterious hybrid textures.

Dark Transmissions
Dark Transmissions

Wayne Murray, touring guitarist of the Manic Street Preachers and Tim Larcombe, whose writing credits include Lana Del Rey and Halsey, have come together as production duo 13th Floor for their latest production masterpiece. This dark and ominous collection of synth, guitar and ethereal vocals makes for an exciting and varied NowNextFuture album.

Reggae Dancehall
Reggae Dancehall

A collection of bouncy dancehall and laid-back reggae. Big beats and loose synths alongside rhythmic basslines and mixed vocals contribute to an overall contemporary island vibe.

Scoring Sessions
Scoring Sessions

Chris Egan’s productions have set scenes from film to theatre and everything in between. In his newest addition to the Scoring Sessions he traverses all things thrilling and other-worldly with dramatic orchestral builds and varied FX soundscapes.

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Space Pioneers

A varied orchestral album influenced by cosmic themes - Space Pioneers builds from eerie openings to exultant string and bass finales.

Arabic Lifestyle

A collection of contemporary, up-tempo Arabic lifestyle tracks. Hypnotic melodies build alongside electro beats for a varied, laid-back sound. 

Walk the Bass

Varied jazz themes with a focus on rhythm section grooves. Laid-back vibes are created through lively basslines, breezy piano melodies and quirky percussion.


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