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16 Oct 2018

Featured albums Christmas bumper edition

sitar yoga

Sitar Yoga

Composer Sidhant Kapoor comes from a long line of well-established Indian musicians. Sidhant draws on his musical background to blend more traditional Indian elements with Western instruments for a truly unique sound.

His latest album offers traditional and folk inspired sitar covering a variety of ragas and moods.


The Uprising

Mahogany Fire Surround are a Welsh psychedelia group made up of Jethro Chaplin, Matt Frederick and Dan Jones.

Their latest album, The Uprising, offers their signature 60s inspired psychedelic sound alongside rich vocal harmonies, romantic acoustic folk and interwoven piano melodies


Vintage Vocal Swing

This bright, uplifting and up-tempo album from esteemed composers David Tobin, Jeff Meegan and English singer, composer and choral leader Jo Forbes L’Estrange offers a variety of fast-grooving swing, jazz piano, female harmonies and sweet romantic moments.


Hip Hop Beat Tape

A collection of varied Atlanta style hip hop featuring trap beats, synths and brass.

From bold moments to eerie and hypnotic sounds, this debut album from NowNextFuture artist Frost is testament to an exciting addition to the Audio Network hip hop catalogue. 

- The Christmas Bumper Edition -


cosy xmas

Cosy Christmas

A warming Christmas compilation album.

Romantic ballads and magical moments with touching vocals, delicate piano and choir all feature. There’s upbeat folk, indie and surprising electric moments in this seasonal mix too.

festive holiday

Festive Holiday Hits

An uplifting compilation of Christmas pop, magical indie ballads and tender moments of dreamy guitars and mixed vocals.

A collection of songs perfect for a lighter feel this winter, with touches of strings and piano sprinkled throughout.

happy hot club

Happy Hot Club Christmas

Thomas Parisch delights this season as his jazz talents re-imagine Christmas classics.

Featuring new takes on such classics as ‘We Three Kings’ and ‘O Come All Ye Faithful’ which are transformed into laid back gypsy jazz. This collection is a find for a jazzy festive sound.

pretty swingin

Pretty Swingin' Christmas

David Tobin and Jeff Meegan come together to create a collection of nostalgic and heart-warming Christmas tunes inspired by Big Band classics.

Strings, brass and rhythm instill the quintessentially Christmas themes of romance and cheer, while smooth, warm vocals add a wintery depth.


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