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16 Apr 2019

Magical orchestras, emotional indie, feelgood folk rock and the sound of Armageddon

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Icelandic lead vocalist Gudjon, and super-producers Henry Counsell and Richard John’s harmonies, fused with electronica and ‘Nordic vibes’ makes them a unique alt-pop force as Gud Jon.

Their new EP showcases their experimental sound and Gudjon’s beautiful vocals, blended with choral harmonies. They’ve created a collection of uplifting, ambient pop, with their own distinctive atmosphere.

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Maximum Impact: Armageddon

Grammy-nominated Chris Blackwell has drummed for Robert Plant on his world tours, and recorded at Abbey Road Studios with The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

His work has been used in multi-award-winning campaigns for Reebok and Levi’s, and he now brings his skills in creating massive drum and percussion sounds to the latest in the Maximum Impact series. Incorporating everything from epic drums to tribal rhythms, primal percussion to tiger roars, this Maximum Impact album provides just that.

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Little Train Big Adventure

Andrew Skeet has worked with The Divine Comedy, and his production company, Roxbury Music, has scored TV projects such as ‘The Apprentice’, and films including Ridley Scott’s ‘Robin Hood’. Nathan Klein’s music has been used in global brand campaigns for Adidas, Nike and Sony Playstation, and on a roster of high-profile films and primetime dramas, including ITV’s ‘Victoria’ and ‘Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse’.

They have joined forces to create an album of magical, bright and positive orchestral sounds.

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Pink Lemonade

Founding member of The Wiyos Michael Farkas has toured with the likes of John Mellencamp, Bob Dylan and Willie Nelson. He and the band have an eclectic, throwback, vaudeville sound, drawing inspiration from the 1920s and 30s.

For this album, however, they’ve blended 1960s and 70s influences, using a Hammond organ and tremolo guitar with grooves to produce upbeat folk to put a bounce in your step.

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Spanish Lifestyle

Spanish guitars move from up-tempo to relaxed, joined by flamenco handclaps and dramatic strings. Dreamy synths, nostalgic accordion and light percussion create a laid back, romantic feel.

Chilled Beats

Jazzy hip hop beats and guitar hooks blend with laid back piano, lush synths and downtempo electronica, while floaty, soulful vocal FX come together with feelgood warm electronic chill.


Curious pizzicato strings, and lively, mischievous woodwind join forces with mallets, piano and percussion to create jaunty, whimsical waltzes and inquisitive themes.

Auditory Illusions - Shepard Tones

Menacing electronica and synths slowly build suspense, with tense Shephard Tones, and a mix of sparse, ethereal pads and lo-fi drums creating dark ambience.

Every Living Thing

Joyful, festive orchestral celebrations are fueled by dancing woodwind, brass and heavenly choirs. The majesty of nature and the oceans is brought to life with surging, uplifting strings and playful, rousing passages.

New Vibes

Pumping electro and house are boosted by electronic beats, hooky synths and laid-back urban male and female vocals. 80s-style pop features chilled electric piano, while groovy synth bass powers an electro funk hybrid.

Retro Rock

Retro, 1960s-inspired garage rock powered by overdriven electric guitars and whirling, quirky electric organ.


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