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16 Jan 2019

Laid-back electronica, punk and celestial orchestration.

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do you

Do You Feel The Same

Chilled-out dance-pop with emotive female vocals, complete with slo-mo grooves, ambient breakdowns and climactic drops.

on the verge

On The Verge

With a unique voice and incredibly distinctive sound, multi-instrumentalist Martin Felix Kaczmarski’s electronica features a strong, rhythmic low end to set the mood.

He teams gentle guitar with organic textural swells, melodic synths and building grooves in this collection of cool, laid-back electronica


The Goons

A multi-instrumentalist musician, songwriter and artist, Cahir O’Doherty has contributed everything from vocals and guitar to bagpipes for an array of rock and indie bands.

A NowNextFuture release powered by guitars, this is driving, powerful high-energy punk, featuring hard-hitting male vocals

hybrid heroes

Hybrid Heroes 3

From Walking with Dinosaurs to Batman Live, and from orchestral grandeur to more intimate works, James Brett has created scores which bring multifarious worlds to life.

Dark, tense and action-packed, this collection of epic tracks combines a powerful orchestra with choir and intricate synths, moving from dark drama to futuristic hybrids.


Zuma Canyon

Singer-songwriter Johnny Lloyd joins forces with LA based Clif Norrell, who has been part of the creative production team on some of the greatest albums of the last 30 years, including  R.E.M.’s “Automatic For The People”, Jeff Buckley’s “Grace”, Weezer’s “Pinkerton”, Bruce Springsteen’s “Wrecking Ball”, Faith No More’s “King For a Day”, to name just a few.

Here, they mix introspective, heartfelt male vocals to add emotional depth to electronic indie-pop, brightened by guitars and charming synth hooks.


Wonders Of The Cosmos

A composer, sound designer and orchestrator for TV, theatre, film and media, Chris Warner’s ability to create a mood, especially with strings, makes his music infinitely compelling.

He combines shimmering orchestral strings recorded at Abbey Road, with a soaring, ethereal solo soprano and the sounds of a mystical cathedral organ recorded at Ely Cathedral, to create an epic celestial soundscape.

More music

Modern Epic Percussion

Menacing war drums, brass stabs, an array of threatening and distorted synths and electronic textures build to a tense climax.

Downtempo Trap

Dark, down-tempo trap hip hop beats, laden with heavy bass and hypnotic, melodic synths. Trap drums and 808s combine to channel a late-night vibe.


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