14 Mar 2017

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Dan Weniger Middle Eastern Themes

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Jazz Dramedy

A collection of jazz-inspired dramatic comedy pieces. Featuring traditional jazz combined with playful motifs, this album spans an array of light-hearted moods


Classic trance with a contemporary EDM influence. Includes hard beats, heavy basslines and layered synth leads that build into awe-inspiring electro anthems

Smoky Sax Nostalgia

A collection of classic saxophone-led tracks with laid-back rhythms and basslines, creating luxurious and nostalgic film noir and romantic moods

Australian Folk

An album of gentle Australian folk featuring indigenous instruments and acoustic, country moments

Electro Earth

A stirring collection of transcontinental tunes featuring ethnic instruments, light orchestral moments, native vocals and building drums

Bright Documentary Strings

Light string themes, intricate builds and nimble melodies form intriguing and pensive tunes


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