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12 Dec 2016

New music: Introducing our latest releases

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On the Epic Edge Modern Living

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Minimalist Documentary Strings

Using atmospheric strings, sparse piano and light percussion this album covers a variety of familiar moods, feels and uses. These simple yet intricate themes prove that sometimes less really is more

SFX - Organic, Neutral

A multitude of epic earthly sound effects and atmospheric hits

Glitch Folktronica

A collision course of old and new with bouncy folk instruments and glitching electronica. Ukulele, banjo and glockenspiel combined with warm synths, FX and electro beats build into these upbeat quirky tunes


Heavy electronica with a wide array of quirky influences. Tropical synths, 80s keys, airy pads & melodic vocal FX ebb and flow to create inspiring soundscapes

Sunshine Reggae and Deep Dub

Catchy reggae & laid back ska hits with hot brass licks, vintage Hammond & sunny vocals


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