11 Nov 2019

Discover a new pop talent from Brazil, tropical R&B & orchestral classics

Featured albums

face with water droplet affect on red background sarah roston NNF

Eu Incomodo

Powerful Sao Paulo pop from the amazing new artist Sarah Roston with Portuguese vocals and pounding Brazilian beats. 

 graphic blue coloured cityscape and bright blue pool

Pool Party 2

Bouncy, tropical R&B and house with chilled, summery synths, smooth male vocals and steel pan drums. 


greek style bust with bright planetary installations on it in front of black smokey backdrop

The Planets

From an epic, dramatically building orchestra and choir through flighty, mercurial moments and a cheerfully epic romp, together with quieter, more magical reveals and ethereal choir with cosmic harps, Holst’s The Planets suite contains a universe of orchestral moods.  

greek style bust in front of dark green texturised backdrop

Elgar and Dukas

Pomp and Circumstance’s joyful orchestral march, Land of Hope and Glory’s rousing choir and the stirring Nimrod are the ultimate patriotic anthems. A passionate Cello Concerto and Dukas’s dramatic, magical Sorcerer’s Apprentice complete this collection

More music

Snow Noir

Spacious soundscapes are created by bleak, pensive piano, mysterious duduk, hypnotic Rhodes piano and glitch electronica. Mournful cello and atmospheric drones increase the tension and sense of foreboding. 

Organic Resonance

Eerie, atmospheric sound design with mesmerising, hypnotic Gamelan, ethereal vocals, fragile violin and shimmering percussion gives way to claustrophobic, disturbing soundscapes with bowed metal and dark analogue drones.

Greyscape Evolutions

Mysterious, thoughtful piano and uncertain synth textures build over electronic percussion and deep bass tones. Menacing electronica with deep, distorted bass pulses creates an atmosphere of ominous tension.

Light Pop Beats

A dynamic fusion of tense, driving percussion featuring bongos, djembe and cajon with powerful drum grooves and breakbeats.


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