11 Aug 2020

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audio network new music tropical columbia

Tropical Colombia

Explore Colombia - from lilting Afro-Colombian rhythms with Latin male vocals, to traditional cumbia sabanera featuring accordion. Energetic percussion-driven tambura and Palenquera join bullerengue cumbia with call and response male vocals.


no quarter given audio network new music

No Quarter Given

Powerful industrial rock with aggressive guitars, hard-hitting drums and searing male vocals. Matt Nasir draws on a 90’s production influences to deliver this impactful album, all mixed by Frank Turner mix engineer George Shilling.

 audio network new music release hits and hearbreaks

Hits and Heartbreaks

Inspiring feel-good electro pop and pop songs with vibrant hooky verses, uplifting choruses and piano give way to more heartfelt pop ballads with acoustic guitar and male vocals, strings and sparse percussion.

a rush of blood

A Rush OF Blood

Propulsive and tension-building, with synths, guitar, bombastic brass and mysterious piano, powerful orchestral elements and epic, driving drums. Plus, of course, plenty of builds and dramatic endings.  

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Follow The Clue

Carefree, insouciant jazz flute and piano with jaunty sax and whimsical bass clarinet make merry with a relaxed piano ensemble, vibraphone, bluesy Hammond organ and brush kit and percussion.

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