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09 Jul 2018

From latin pop to indie rock 

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cody page
Athletics EP

Cody Page is a songwriter, producer and composer whose previous work spans from producing music for adverts, TV and film as well as fronting LA band Armada. Now debuting with Audio Network as NowNextFuture artist Nightgames, he offers his latest album of analogue dance vibes and quirky lyrics.

nico farias

NowNextFuture artist Nico Farias presents his debut album for Audio network. Latino pop, percussion grooves and piano are masterfully layered with soaring guitars and hushed vocals to evoke themes of love, experience and new horizons.

e sports

Audio Network favourite and Formula E composer, Gareth Johnson presents an album of fast paced electronica with varied EDM influences. Gritty synth tones soar over funky filtered basslines and energetic beats are peppered with retro video game FX and powerful sub-bass.

road to havana
Road To Havana

1950s style Cuban themes with upbeat Latino rhythms and lively instrumentals from US based composer Carlos Alvarez. After an extensive education in Film Scoring, Carlos went on to compose scores for countless films and commercials and is quickly establishing his place within the Hollywood world of composers.

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Neutral & Positive Underscores

Light organic builds with insistent melodies & probing rhythms.

Indie Blues

Raw indie rock with gritty blues influences.

Blockbusting Beats

Tense sound design with powerful rhythmic builds and emotive climaxes.


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