08 Sep 2020

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audio network new music maximum impact beyond

Maximum Impact: Beyond

Hybrid orchestral with huge orchestra, piano builds, dark brass, mysterious synths and, of course, massive percussion and dramatic climaxes. 


constellations audio network new music


Advanced electronic soundscapes from haunting and ethereal, with melancholy piano and vocal effects, to pulsing and forward-moving with shimmering, textural synths and driving bass. 

 audio network new music release bedtime stories

Bedtime Stories

Pensive, gentle piano, from a famous ballad to melancholy inflections, and a range of dreamy, delicate lullabies.

a problem shared new music audio network

A Problem Shared

Strong, empowering grime with female rap vocals, hooky grime strings, snare rolls, breakbeats, vocal FX and layered synths. 

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Nik Kershaw’s pop tells stories of life, love and more. Nik’s vocals are combined with sing-a-long choruses, punchy horns and emotional strings, plus heartfelt, moving lyrics. 

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delicate emotions new music audio network
down in new orleans audio network new album

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