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14 Nov 2018

Dreamy Pop, Americana and Cartoon Capers

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Written All Over

Singer and songwriter Miriam Speyer, alongside producers and songwriters Lincoln Grounds and Thomm Jutz, releases an emotionally rich album of country blues rock with gritty female lead vocals.

Nashville guitars, steel and stomps complete this heartfelt collection.

live like the kids

Live Like The Kids

The Australian duo release their first EP together as Richmnd after years of writing and performing together in other projects.

Blending their voices across floating melodies of dreamy indie pop with warm guitars, make this a summery and uplifting debut collection.

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Cartoon Capers

A trio of exceptional talents, David TobinJeff Meegan and John Altman deliver an essential set of cartoon soundtracks.

Everything from a classic comedy chase with manic orchestra, to retro superhero themes and happy-go-lucky melodies.


Teardrops Of A Ghost

Serene songstress Sarah Ozelle releases a beautiful album of layered vocals entwined with haunting arrangements across piano, cello and eclectic percussion.

Ethereal meets mounting tension with laid-back beauty in-between.

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Urban Percussion 2

A 12-track collection of big hitting hip hop, infectious beats and driving R&B with swagger and groove. Live percussion, beats and drums explode alongside.

Vanishing Worlds

Middle-Eastern meets Indian folk while flute and clarinet fill this lively album of rich sounds. Tribal singing and male vocals also feature.


A range of emotions are captured in this clarinet collection. Sultry and seductive, jaunty, mischievous or lethargic and mellow. A complete collection of solo clarinet.

Light Lifestyle & Dramedy

Swaggering, cunning and sophisticated, this collection of dramedy is eclectic and playful throughout. Strings and piano add charming layers to quirky and stylish grooves


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