Latest Album Releases:

ANW CDs 1249 to 1280 now live, listen now...

ANW1249 - Children 2     
Due to popular demand, more fun, bright children’s tracks and songs

ANW1250 - Children 3     
We just couldn’t fit it all on one album

ANW1251 - World, Chillout     
Cinematic choral, chillout with a world flavour from Paul Mottram, Tom Quick, Chris Ashmore and others

ANW1252 - Quirky, Comedy     
There can never be too much silliness, here we try to prove that there can.

ANW1253 - Contemporary Classical, Minimalist      
From the ridiculous to the sublime – great orchestral  composition and arrangement from the masters – Paul Mottram and Tim Garland

ANW1254 - Editor's Series     
Ethnic Designed as easy to use beds and underscores for the editor
ANW1255 - Electro House      
A wide range of electro house from different eras

ANW1256 - Quirky Drama    
For when you need cod/lampooned drama

ANW1257 - Jazz, Boogie     
Some fantastic virtuoso performances from the ever popular Chris Ashmore and Bob Bradley

ANW1258 - American Steel Guitar     
Chris Gibbons does more of his thing with American Guitars

ANW1259 - Chillout, Grooves     
Simple but cool grooves which will fit everything

ANW1260 - Techno Metal, Nu Metal     
Crank up the volume – Barrie Gledden, Adam Drake and Neil Williams let rip

ANW1261 - Latin Jazz      
One of our favourite new releases. Some of the best players in the world perform with Tim Garland, Paul Mottram and Bob Bradley

ANW1262 - Soul, Funk, Hip Hop Grooves     
Cool grooves and playing from some of the finest

ANW1263 - Indie, Positive Pop/Rock      
A wide range of pop, rock and indie all with a positive, bright feel

ANW1264 - Rock, Classic Rock     
Straight forward, heads-down rock!

ANW1265 - Indie Rock, 2000s 5      
We’re always being asked for more – so here it is
ANW1266 - Electro Pop      
Does exactly what it says on the tin

ANW1267 - Showbiz, Glamour     
Camp, spangley, over-the-top Hollywood and awards nights

ANW1268 - Comedy, Quirky, Cheese     
Some deeply cheesy silliness

ANW1269 - News, Current Affairs, Corporate
Serious themes for serious events

ANW1270 - Country Rock     
Terry Devine-King turns to Country. We found the finest players and worked with them to get the authentic thing. This one rocks

ANW1271 - Acoustic Country, Bluegrass      
As above, but this time we went for the more traditional sound

ANW1272 - USA, Pastoral, Country     
Also as above, but more gentle

ANW1273 - Harmonica, Woodwind     
Introducing the unbelievably talented Brendan Power, probably the finest harmonic player in the world. Also saxes, clarinets, flutes and things

ANW1274 - Lifestyle, Upbeat Lifestyle     
You can never have too much of this – bright, optimistic and unobtrusive

ANW1275 - Docudrama, Cops      
Designed for high drama documentaries

ANW1276 - Classical Crossover     
Famous classical pieces re-worked with beats

ANW1277 - Atmospheric & Ambient Chillout      
Another album from the ever popular Barrie Gledden team

ANW1278 - Chilled Indie/Rock      
The lighter side of Indie/Rock

ANW1279 - Liquid Drum 'n' Bass     
Some deeply cool beats and feels

ANW1280 - Pop & Pop Songs     
Pop and children’s pop songs