This Month's Album Releases

10 Feb 2014

Enjoy our Latest Albums, and let us know what you want to hear next month.

This month we've released 18 new albums. Have a listen and get an idea of what's on offer.

We've brought you some exciting new albums to check out ranging from Stomping Folk, Minimal Electronica, 40s Big Band and Orchestral Action, Drama to WWI Documentary and Beats Brasilieros.

Featured Albums

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Historical Drama

Musical scenes covering the ebb & flow of great period sagas
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Marimba Ambience

Marimba & piano floating in a world of agreeable sound
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Out There

Ear tingling musical nuance meets mind expanding sound design
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Battle Zone

Massive beats & menace meet growling rock explosions. Stand well back
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Orchestral Trailers

Blockbusting cinematic orchestral trailers. Cut to the chase!
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Americana Drama

Evocative American stories from the badlands. dustbowls, deserts & swamps
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Alt Indie

The right jeans, the right hair, the right shoes & music to match
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Middle Eastern Drama

Dramatic & emotional story telling from Europe to Israel
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American AOR

Classic & crafted soft rock songwriting for a feelgood roadtrip
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Indian Beauty

Thoughtful & poignant piano & string themes
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Bright & Quirky Piano

Ethereal positivity & quirky fun with piano at the centre
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Quirky Nerdtronica

It's hip to be square with these techy synth grooves
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Monthly Playlist

Winter Sports

With the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi ongoing we've donned our ski goggles and put together a playlist full of our best winning sounds.

Listen to a selection of our favourites to get you started.

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