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This Month's Album Releases

Enjoy our Latest Albums, and let us know what you want to hear next month.

This month we have just released 18 new albums. Have a listen and get an idea of what's on offer.

We've brought you some exciting new albums to check out ranging from Monster Percussion, Marimba Fusion and Weekend Hits to our New Orleans Blues and the 3rd installment of Undiscovered.

Route 66

Stateside songs & sounds with a slice of apple pie
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English Summer

String quartet & bassoon with impeccable manners meet on the lawn for tea
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Marimba Fusion

Marimba fusions & solo performances across a range of moods & feels
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Simple Pleasures

Positive moods with a light touch & elegant simplicity
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Undiscovered 3

Hear the future, here & now
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Sparse, Emotional Cinematic

Textural & spacious soundscapes. Dreamy & thought provoking
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Monster Percussion

Dramatic & tense drumming & percussion from noisy virtuoso Paul Clarvis
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Thoughtful & Emotional Strings

Beautiful & evocative sweeping orchestral string themes
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New Orleans Blues

Hot & steamy blues with authentic New Orleans swagger
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Chilled Electronica

Electronic grooves with the edges smoothed off. Set your phasers to chill
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Documentary & Light Tension

Everything is fine or is it?
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Southern spiritual classics recorded in New Orleans
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Middle Eastern Drama

Haunting & dramatic story telling from the Middle East
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Made In Nashville

Authentic & varied collection of country classics straight from music city
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Weekend Hits

Modern pop hits for the weekend
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Quirky Lifestyle

Sunny & catchy musical fun. Listen once & you'll be hooked
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Beautiful Malfunction

Leftfield grooves from Paul Ressel. Professor of interesting at the University of odd
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Dance, Electronica

Hi impact robotica & pin sharp electronic grooves
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