This Month's Latest Album Releases

Have a listen to our Podcast and Latest Album Releases.

This month we have just released 16 new albums. Have a listen to our Podcast and get an idea of what's on offer.
We've brought you some exciting new albums to check out ranging from Authentic Hammond Grooves, Sounds of the South Pacific, Frozen SoundscapesRussian Folk and Middle Eastern Orchestral Documentary.

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ANW1947 – Thematic Journeys
Thoughtful indie folk/pop songs & atmospheric, ambient indie cinema themes
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ANW1946 – Eastern Stories
A fusion of lush stings & ethnic woodwind & percussion create a Middle Eastern flavor
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ANW1945 – Slamming Electro Dance
Electro house & dance with gritty synths, vocal hooks & heavy bass
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ANW1944 – Russian Folk
Traditional Russian folk songs performed by balalaika, accordion & domra
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ANW1943 – Frozen Soundscapes
Lo fi, ambient soundscapes with electronic atmospheres & layers of piano, mellotron & glock
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ANW1942 – Sounds Of The South Pacific
Authentic Maori songs & chants sit alongside relaxed Polynesian ukulele melodies
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ANW1941 – Head Space
Sparse & atmospheric chillout textures
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ANW1940 – Inbetweeny Pop Rock
Geeky, driving indie pop & rock with catchy riffs & punky hooks
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ANW1939 – Acoustic Bliss
Light, bright & positive nu folk lifestyle featuring acoustic guitars
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ANW1938 – Quirky Romps
Happy, quirky & mischievous melodies
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ANW1937 – Cinematic Action, Drama
Expansive, dramatic & epic cinematic themes
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ANW1936 – History Of Jazz
Classic, nostalgic jazz & big band from a bygone era
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ANW1935 – Documentary 2
Factual & emotional creations for setting the scene
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ANW1934 – Authentic Hammond Grooves
Super cool 60s funk, blues & soul grooves featuring Hammond organ
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ANW1933 – Current Affairs, News
News & current affairs themes with urgency & dynamism
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ANW1932 – Cinematic Dystopia
Dark, sparse & atmospheric textures with electronic beats
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