This Month's Latest Album Releases

04 Jun 2013

Have a listen to our Podcast and Latest Album Releases.

This month we have just released 16 new albums. Have a listen to our Podcast and get an idea of what's on offer.
We've brought you some exciting new albums to check out ranging from Vintage Big BandFemale Dance, R 'n' BWistful Americana and Bollywood Through the Ages. Also, don't miss Hidden Lands 1 & 2, featured on the BBC's 'Lost Kingdoms of South America' back in February.

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ANW1930 – US Blues, Rock
Slow, laid back blues & rock with an American flavour
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ANW1929 – Hidden Lands 2
Dreamy, mystical & reflective soundscapes
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ANW1928 – Hidden Lands
Panoramic, mysterious & exotic soundscapes
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ANW1927 – Rock With A Twist
Rock based themes with quirky & quintessential elements
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ANW1926 – Bollywood Through The Ages
A musical tour through the history of classic Indian cinema
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ANW1925 – Quirky Nu Folk, Folk
Happy, clappy, plinky plonky acoustic smile inducers
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ANW1924 – Dance, House
Evocative & sensual dance grooves & songs
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ANW1923 – Blissed Out Folktronica
Trippy & tingly fusions of electronica & acoustic moments
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ANW1922 – Female Dance, RnB
Massive dancefloor anthems featuring ultimate diva vocals
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ANW1921 – Vintage Big Band
Back to the big band years featuring world class players with brassy swagger
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ANW1920 – Kids’ Action, Rock
Hyperactive & catchy pop rock for the excitable sugar-filled 5 year old in us all
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ANW1919 – Latin Dance Workout
Slim down with relentlessly energetic Latino beats & big brass melodies
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ANW1918 – Lifestyle Themes
Musically eclectic themes to accompany many aspects of modern living
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ANW1917 – Wistful Americana
A thoughtful blend of acoustic Americana & atmospheric harmonica fusions
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ANW1916 – Light Optimistic Themes
Light & delicate motifs that evolving into positive themes & grooves
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ANW1915 – Latin Lounge
Smooth latin fusions. Sultry & soothing sunshine
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