This Month's Latest Album Releases

02 May 2013

Have a listen to our Podcast and Latest Album Releases.

We have just released 14 new albums this month. Have a listen to our Podcast and get an idea of what's on offer.

There are some fantastic and exciting new albums to check out from French Hip Hop & Trailer RemixesRock Ya Socks Off to Glitched Documentary and All American Vocal Pop Rock.

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ANW1914 – Soundscapism
Atmospheric glitch, techno rubble & mind altering soundscapes to melt your brain
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ANW1913 – All American Vocal Pop Rock
Gleaming guitar based pop rock gems from the other side of the Atlantic
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ANW1912 – Nu Electro, Nu Indie
Upbeat, slick & styled nuggets of indie rock layered with retro synths & infectious grooves
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ANW1911 – Rural Americana, Folk
Cheerful country, bluegrass & wacky hillbilly delights
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ANW1910 – Fuzzy Funk Rock
Get down & get groovy, classic funk meets the present day
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ANW1909 – Glitched Documentary
Ambient glitched beats awash with layers of synth soundscapes
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ANW1908 – Rock Ya Socks Off
Gritty garage rock oozing with dirty guitars & dirtier vocals
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ANW1907 – Trailer Remixes
Epic orchestral trailers collide head on with dark dubstep & powerful beats
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ANW1906 – Psychological Tension
Delicious sonic nightmares filled with terror & fear
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ANW1905 – Euphoric Beats, Trance
Hypnotizing, spacious & uplifting trance with a twist
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ANW1904 – Ukulele, Guitar & Accordion
An eclectic assortment of ukulele, guitar & accordion with a quirky yet laid back feel
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ANW1903 – Just Chillin’
Chilled, carefree & relaxing grooves
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ANW1902 – French Hip Hop
Cool & classy beats from the streets featuring authentic urban French rap
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ANW1901 – 8 Bit Electro
Retro 8 bit pop electronica with energetic basslines & computer game elements
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