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This Month's Latest Album Releases

Have a listen to our Podcast and Latest Album Releases.

We have just released 14 new albums this month. Have a listen to our Podcast and get an idea of what's on offer.

There are some fantastic and exciting new albums to check out; from Dreamy ChilloutUrban Epic and Positive Orchestral to Asian Fusion and Ethnic Percussion.

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ANW1884 - Pumping Electronic Dance
Driving dancefloor grooves with mangled & catchy electronica
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ANW1883 - Scene Strings
Instant mood setting themes featuring orchestral strings
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ANW1882 - Ethnic Percussion
Percussion soundscapes from around the world. Powerful & Evocative
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ANW1881 - Male Songs
The boys are back and they have a song to sing
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ANW1880 - Ska Pop
Cheeky & rocous jump up and down tomfoolery!
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ANW1879 - Crime Tension 2
The music of dark deeds & malice afterthought
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ANW1878 - Asian Fusion
An exotic & intriguing blend of traditional Far Eastern flavours & western beats
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ANW1877 - Positive Orchestral 
Soaring, rousing & inspiring filmic orchestral magic
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ANW1876 - Quirky Stealth & Mischief
Quirky melodies & playful grooves for cheeky comedic moments
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ANW1875 - Urban Epic
Scary, violent & impactful electro gothic fusions with face melting production
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ANW1874 - Crime Drama
Ready made dramatic modern crime toolkit
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ANW1873 - Neutrality
Useful grooves & beds that support content without dictating mood
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ANW1872 - Young & Loud Pop Rock
Blazing hormonal & adolescent rock grooves
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ANW1871 - Dreamy Chillout
Floating & intriguing musical pillows
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