This Month's Latest Album Releases

03 Jan 2013

Have a listen to our Podcast and Latest Album Releases for January.

We have just released 10 new albums for the first month of 2013. Have a listen to our Podcast, and get an idea of what's on offer!

There are some fantastic and exciting new albums to check out; from Broken Guitars & Electro Beats to Rebel Rockabilly & Cinematic Twang, Teen Rock Pop to Tropical Pop and UK RnB & Hip Hop.

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ANW1845 – Teen Rock Pop 
Exciting positive metal with youthful exuberance
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ANW1846 – Club Night Out
EDM playlist for a long night of revelry
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ANW1847 – UK RnB & Hip Hop
Banging British hip hop, R'n'B & rap
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ANW1848 – Late Night Jazz
Quintessential coolness. Smooth jazz with an urban twist
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ANW1849 – Building Positivity
Ultimate scene builders grow from light motifs to positive soundscapes 
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ANW1850 – Tropical Pop
Pop reggae hits & sunny Caribbean inspired instrumentals
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ANW1851 – Rebel Rockabilly & Cinematic Twang
Leather clad hell raising from fast rockabilly romps to devilish dangerous twang 
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ANW1852 – Broken Guitars & Electro Beats
Gritty rock & blues songwriting fused with electronica & quirky effects
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ANW1853 – Positive Guitar Lifestyle
Uplifting indie & country rock instrumentals with polished production
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ANW1854 – Alternative Female Indie Pop
Beautiful & anthemic alternative pop songs with delicate vocals 
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